October Update


A newsy update on my blog today, because… it’s my blog.

I’m continuing to post just 3 times a week. Because… busy. But hey, what’s new?

I sometimes wonder why I still post, and to be honest with you… it’s practice. Because writing, blogging, and social media is a muscle, and it’s a muscle I want to get paid for so I better use it, or lose it!

But here’s what I’m doing besides blogging:

Teaching a variety of things. Ballet and Contemporary to serious ballet students age 8-16. Ballet for theater kids in the local musical theater company. Ballet to Adults. Upper Level Modern at the local ballet company’s ballet school. And starting next week I’ll have my own classes at a local group of barre studios… which is just so much fun. If you’re in the area you should come check it out!

Well, not your typical retail, but I’ve been a sales associate for the local dancewear store for about 9 months and for about 3 months now I’ve been fitting pointe shoes which is its own crazy little puzzle (for the uninitiated, there are a variety of pointe shoe styles and for some people there are only a few options that will fit their foot). This is where I spend the majority of my working hours during the week.

Organizing and Steering
Around June a group of dancers officially launched FurtherDance Fort Worth, a non-profit organization seeking to … uhh, further dance in Fort Worth :) I’m president of the board of directors which really just means that I come up with ideas and then try to delegate what I can so that those ideas come to fruition. We had a super successful class series for area professional dancers in August, and will probably continue on those lines in 2015 and hopefully add some other events that bring dance to the forefront of Fort Worth culture. Really I’m just trying to enjoy dance and dancing with my friends and other area professionals, and it’s been so fun to work on a big project together with such a wonderful group.

Rehearsing and Performing
Last weekend I performed with wild goose chase dance in Waco at the 254 Dance Festival. And this weekend I’m lucky enough to perform again with wgcd and also imPULSE Dance Project at the Brazos Dance Festival in College Station, Texas.

Currently I have 4 dances to make for this year, possibly more. One 11 minute work that will be part of an evening length concert in December for imPULSE, 2 shorter dances for my students to perform at local festivals and competitions, and then another for imPULSE’s spring show. I am not sure what any of these are going to look like, which feels super awesome <sarcasm>.

Other things I’m doing
Watching Big Love on HBO Go
Letting my Hulu queue pile up
contemplating social media strategy for some potential clients
Waking up before 7AM
Cuddling with ESPeN, who is not a very good motivator because really he’d rather lay around with you all day than go on a walk
The occasional social hour
Cooking with The Guns (well… I plan, he cooks, usually)
drinking a lot of coffee
frequenting overly expensive activewear stores
writing everything down in my planner

Ok, your turn, give me an update on your life!

30 Things: Open my Roth IRA

30 things before 30
As you may know,
I’ve made a list of 30 things that I want to do before I’m 30. Some are silly, some are hard, some are super easy, but no matter, they make for great fodder for the blog and for life!

Number 8 on my list is to open my own Roth IRA or similar type of retirement fund.

With a husband who is a real estate agent you meet a lot of people in the client service businesses, including financial planners and advisors. One week The Guns told me he wanted us to meet with an advisor that he’d met who is part of Edward Jones Investment. Joel C. Morgan met with us and spent a lot of time talking about financial planning… for now, for emergency, and for the future. Most of it we were already pretty familiar with, but having never worked for a corporation (except as a contract employee) the big miss in our financial plan was my retirement fund.

Which of course is really fun to think about at 28, but whatever. Anyway, after 2 meetings and a lot of talk about my comfort level (which pretty much amounts to “I’d rather not think about it, use your expertise, please”) with investing, now I have a Roth IRA… and the plan is to not really think about it for about 35 years and then be super impressed with my 28 year old self.

And of course that’s another item off my 30 list! Which is really, incredibly satisfying.

September Shorts: Fall Favorites

It’s finally Fall! Here are some things I’m loving:

Pumpkin Spice Latte – from 7/11 because I can’t be bothered with $3 drinks, and there are no Starbucks near my house or work. Also pumpkin everything. EVERYTHING.

The chill – I swear I woke up yesterday to 60 degree weather as if Texas had just decided to turn on “Fall” on the exact right date. Crazy. Now if only the leaves would change to orange instead of going straight to brown…

Sweaters – ok I haven’t worn a sweater yet, but I can’t wait to wear my new  Jcrew sweaters… and I can feel it coming and even that makes me feel super awesome!

New TV – Parks and Rec coming back! Also Season 6 on Netflix on FRIDAY!

THANKSGIVING! Ya’ll I love Thanksgiving. and it’s coming up!


Wearing burnt orange. I don’t know, I just only do that during the fall, and then I miss it a little bit…

Back to School Shopping – Ok, I’ve already done this when I bought my new planner. But I’m still buying stuff like I need to go to school.

What about you? What do you love about Fall?

September Shorts: Care and Communication

Ways I’m caring for myself, my home, my career this month:

barre and gyrotonic/gyrokinesis workouts
dance classes
cleaning (? well, I try)
grocery shopping (you gotta eat)
cleaning up my photo and music files
scheduling my yearly wellness exam

People I’m talking to/meeting with/and thanking this month:

our board of directors of FurtherDance Fort Worth
our board officers
my team teachers at ACBA
my team teachers at Kids Who Care
my Grandparents (birthdays!)
wonderful FurtherDance contributors and participants (thank yous!)

September Shorts: Consume

You have to consume in order to create. There is not output without the proper input.

Here’s what I’m consuming this month:

social media (ie, Blogs, my facebook and Twitter feed, instagram)


my to read pile (which consists of a pointe shoe book, an already outdated issue of Fort Worth, Texas magazine, An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, and Still Writing, a book on creativity. I have not gotten very far on this pile but I’ll be travelling over the next few weeks so I’m hoping to get a bit further)

Dance Performances! I’ve seen 2 this month already and could literally fill this month’s weekends if I was able. So glad to live in a place where I have so many opportunities to see great work!

my training manual for barre classes

HBOGo and Netflix (we can’t wait for Parks and Rec season 6 to be available on September 26 and currently we’re watching Big Love since our current HBO favorites- Veep, Girls, and Silicon Valley- are on hiatus).

The Bible (I’m on a year long reading plan)

Spotify (for choreography music choices as well as class playlists)

B12 vitamins


What are you consuming this month?

September Shorts: Create

You know about the way I structure my to do list.

Now to share with you some things I’m creating this month.

Lesson Plans

I teach 3-4 ballet classes/week, 3-4 contemporary classes/week, and I’m training to teach at a local barre studio. All my lessons go in this notebook which has become my new best friend.

Blog Posts


Social Media Content/Strategy

For myself but also for the organization I direct. Buffer is my friend.


My new work premieres in December. It’s unlike anything I’ve made before- or I assume it will be since I’m not exactly finished creating the movement- but it will be part of a larger work with 2 other choreographers and in the round. So that’s new for me!

Meeting Agendas

For the aforementioned organization. This takes surprisingly more effort but is crucial for a productive meeting.

Meal Plans

Takes way more brain space than I would like but if it’s not done I end up eating Chick Fil A, Chipotle, and Panda Express all week. If anyone has any suggestions for streamlining this… please tell me!

What are you creating this month?