Friday Foto (09/19/14)


I don’t know ya’ll… Just really like this photo!


September Shorts: Care and Communication

Ways I’m caring for myself, my home, my career this month:

barre and gyrotonic/gyrokinesis workouts
dance classes
cleaning (? well, I try)
grocery shopping (you gotta eat)
cleaning up my photo and music files
scheduling my yearly wellness exam

People I’m talking to/meeting with/and thanking this month:

our board of directors of FurtherDance Fort Worth
our board officers
my team teachers at ACBA
my team teachers at Kids Who Care
my Grandparents (birthdays!)
wonderful FurtherDance contributors and participants (thank yous!)

September Shorts: Consume

You have to consume in order to create. There is not output without the proper input.

Here’s what I’m consuming this month:

social media (ie, Blogs, my facebook and Twitter feed, instagram)


my to read pile (which consists of a pointe shoe book, an already outdated issue of Fort Worth, Texas magazine, An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, and Still Writing, a book on creativity. I have not gotten very far on this pile but I’ll be travelling over the next few weeks so I’m hoping to get a bit further)

Dance Performances! I’ve seen 2 this month already and could literally fill this month’s weekends if I was able. So glad to live in a place where I have so many opportunities to see great work!

my training manual for barre classes

HBOGo and Netflix (we can’t wait for Parks and Rec season 6 to be available on September 26 and currently we’re watching Big Love since our current HBO favorites- Veep, Girls, and Silicon Valley- are on hiatus).

The Bible (I’m on a year long reading plan)

Spotify (for choreography music choices as well as class playlists)

B12 vitamins


What are you consuming this month?

September Shorts: Create

You know about the way I structure my to do list.

Now to share with you some things I’m creating this month.

Lesson Plans

I teach 3-4 ballet classes/week, 3-4 contemporary classes/week, and I’m training to teach at a local barre studio. All my lessons go in this notebook which has become my new best friend.

Blog Posts


Social Media Content/Strategy

For myself but also for the organization I direct. Buffer is my friend.


My new work premieres in December. It’s unlike anything I’ve made before- or I assume it will be since I’m not exactly finished creating the movement- but it will be part of a larger work with 2 other choreographers and in the round. So that’s new for me!

Meeting Agendas

For the aforementioned organization. This takes surprisingly more effort but is crucial for a productive meeting.

Meal Plans

Takes way more brain space than I would like but if it’s not done I end up eating Chick Fil A, Chipotle, and Panda Express all week. If anyone has any suggestions for streamlining this… please tell me!

What are you creating this month?

September Shorts: Scales


This is a not so great photo of something new (well, old but new to me since February) that I have in my house. My grandparents gave me this scale earlier this year. It was something they had in their house that I wanted, and I love that it’s old, that it has such character, and that it perfectly matches the wood from the table sofa table he made for us that it sits on. Sometimes when I’m feeling intellectual I imagine that the scales represent our home values of balance and justice.

But really it’s just nice to have something old and meaningful in our home.

September Shorts: How I Structure My To Do List

When I have things to do for the week (or, in a particularly busy time, for the day) I divide them into 4 categories:

1) Create

Do I have to make this thing? Do I have to write, plan, assemble this thing? Does it require a lot of output of brain energy to do this? Then it goes on my create list.  Things on my create list generally need to be allotted 1 hour or more of my time, uninterrupted.

2) Consume

What  am I consuming? What is on my list that requires me to take in new information? What informs what I’m creating right now? These things go on my consume list, and can be caught up on in the margins of my day; 15 minutes here and there.

3) Communication

Who do I need to talk to/contact/thank? Who should I be checking in with about that thing? Are there any meetings I should take? Again, this can be done on the fly (in 5-15 minutes), but if I have a particularly long list of communication to dos, then I often wrangle all of those into a larger chunk of time, usually before 7AM.

4) Care

Grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, scheduling repairs, cleaning bathrooms. Must get done, might be time consuming, but require little thought? Then it’s on my care list.

Would this differentiation of your to do list work for you?

September Shorts: My New Brain

Sooo…. I cut down to 3x posting per week in the summer. And I’m still falling kind of behind. So. now I bring you “september Shorts.” Basically… a challenge to myself to create super succinct posts. Might be a glimpse into my life, my brain, or something I’m struggling with.

But less than 250 words. WHAT?

Here’s the first one:


Meet my new brain planner. It has made my life much better. If you think you have your life under control but still struggle to get your tasks in order… PLANNER. Get one. And, honestly, unless you’ve completely committed to digitizing your entire life, just get a paper planner. I used to depend on my phone calendar and reminder system… but sometimes paper and pen is faster, and just having my planner with me as a reminder to check it is enough to keep me on track. I also find that using one that lists hours throughout the day and gives me space to write down “to dos” really helps.

Do you use a paper planner?