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Hi All,

Long story short, in October I found it near impossible to continue blogging. I missed the writing but keeping up with one. more. thing. was driving me mad.

And so, as most bloggers do, I stopped.

But I’ve regrouped and created a new, personal and professional internet home. Check out

It’s somewhat of an online portfolio, but I also plan on curating some cool stuff on a blog over there.

I’ll leave sometimes she blogs as is. I might copy some of the stuff from here over to my new site. We’ll see.

I won’t bore you, but if you do want more of my thought process behind this change… you can read my first post over there.

Thanks for hanging in there and following me.


October Update


A newsy update on my blog today, because… it’s my blog.

I’m continuing to post just 3 times a week. Because… busy. But hey, what’s new?

I sometimes wonder why I still post, and to be honest with you… it’s practice. Because writing, blogging, and social media is a muscle, and it’s a muscle I want to get paid for so I better use it, or lose it!

But here’s what I’m doing besides blogging:

Teaching a variety of things. Ballet and Contemporary to serious ballet students age 8-16. Ballet for theater kids in the local musical theater company. Ballet to Adults. Upper Level Modern at the local ballet company’s ballet school. And starting next week I’ll have my own classes at a local group of barre studios… which is just so much fun. If you’re in the area you should come check it out!

Well, not your typical retail, but I’ve been a sales associate for the local dancewear store for about 9 months and for about 3 months now I’ve been fitting pointe shoes which is its own crazy little puzzle (for the uninitiated, there are a variety of pointe shoe styles and for some people there are only a few options that will fit their foot). This is where I spend the majority of my working hours during the week.

Organizing and Steering
Around June a group of dancers officially launched FurtherDance Fort Worth, a non-profit organization seeking to … uhh, further dance in Fort Worth 🙂 I’m president of the board of directors which really just means that I come up with ideas and then try to delegate what I can so that those ideas come to fruition. We had a super successful class series for area professional dancers in August, and will probably continue on those lines in 2015 and hopefully add some other events that bring dance to the forefront of Fort Worth culture. Really I’m just trying to enjoy dance and dancing with my friends and other area professionals, and it’s been so fun to work on a big project together with such a wonderful group.

Rehearsing and Performing
Last weekend I performed with wild goose chase dance in Waco at the 254 Dance Festival. And this weekend I’m lucky enough to perform again with wgcd and also imPULSE Dance Project at the Brazos Dance Festival in College Station, Texas.

Currently I have 4 dances to make for this year, possibly more. One 11 minute work that will be part of an evening length concert in December for imPULSE, 2 shorter dances for my students to perform at local festivals and competitions, and then another for imPULSE’s spring show. I am not sure what any of these are going to look like, which feels super awesome <sarcasm>.

Other things I’m doing
Watching Big Love on HBO Go
Letting my Hulu queue pile up
contemplating social media strategy for some potential clients
Waking up before 7AM
Cuddling with ESPeN, who is not a very good motivator because really he’d rather lay around with you all day than go on a walk
The occasional social hour
Cooking with The Guns (well… I plan, he cooks, usually)
drinking a lot of coffee
frequenting overly expensive activewear stores
writing everything down in my planner

Ok, your turn, give me an update on your life!

I’m only going to say this once … aka my abridged thoughts on feminism

I’m only going to say this once.

Feminism is NOT about women being more valuable or more powerful than men or putting men down.

Feminism is NOT about shaming women who choose to work in the home.

Feminism is NOT about proving that women don’t need men or marriage or children.

And yet, there’s a lot of people out there who seem to think that’s what feminism is. They say “well, I’m not a feminist because I believe women are empowered and should be able to choose their lives, to be moms, to be wives, to work or not.”

Well congratulations, you’re a feminist.

I know, I know, you’ve had some bad experiences with people who seem to just hate men.

But that doesn’t mean you hate feminism. That’s kind of like saying “I’m not a Christian because I really hate what Westboro Baptist is doing”

Some of you just don’t like the label.

Here’s why it’s called feminism.

For THOUSANDS of years women were considered property.

Property. Like cattle or a house or a stable of horses.

This is not some imagined slight. It happened (and still happens in some families, cultures, and countries). And the female property was valued by things like marrying and having children. No marriage? no Children? no value.

So it’s called feminism because of the need to bring attention to issues related to women. To bring their rights (voting, owning property, choosing who to marry, choosing to work or not, choosing to have children or not) up at the same level as men.

It’s not about saying that the sexes are the same or that women who take on traditional roles are ruining it for the rest of us (not true).

Feminism is just about women not being property.

I mean, it’s about more than that, sure, but can we all agree that women are not property? And that they should get the same choices in life that men do?

If so, then congratulations, you’re a feminist.

Women: Did you vote? Do you own property? Did you choose your own job? Do you choose who you’re dating or did you choose who you married? Did you decide along with your husband to work at home? Did you decide along with your husband to continue working outside the home after having kids? Do you express your opinions in public? If you’re not married or don’t have kids, do you believe you still have value as a woman? Do you think you have the right  not to be raped or coerced into sex that’s not consensual? Do you think you have the right to an education?

Men: Do you think of your wife or girlfriend as a human, not as property? Do you believe she should be valued on her merit and spirit rather than her fertility or sexuality? Are you willing to work for a female boss? Do you believe that women should have the same opportunities as men for career and education? Do you listen and make decisions for your family along with your wife? Do you believe women should be able to vote, work, raise a family if they choose, marry whom they choose, and own property?

Yes? Then I think you might like feminism.

What to expect from sometimessheblogs in 2014

simple plan
photo by bocatacalamares

In case your Spanish is rusty, that graffiti says “the plan is simple, there is no plan.”

That doesn’t work for me. I don’t always plan everything out, but I do need some kind of structure to work within to be successful.

So, as you know, about every 3 months I do some kind of change up on the blog.  Maybe I change the header, the tag line, the about page, the blog host!  I’m constantly trying to define it more clearly, and really learn what it is.  I hope you’ve noticed that the changes are still coming, but that they’re much smaller than they used to be.  That’s awesome, because it means I know a lot more about what my blog is now!

January is the best time, of course, to begin anew and start fresh, and in November I realized I had blog content through December, and then I was completely dry after that.  Like I didn’t even have any major ideas, besides Fridays and one monthly post.  No bueno.  So that had to change, and I sat down and figured it out.  And I thought I’d share with you what the plan is.

And of course the plan might change, but this is how we’ll start.

Monday: Flex
ie- I can write about what I want.

Tuesday: Tech
How-tos, my favorite apps, tech related posts, etc.

Wednesday: Working/Creative
tips for creativity and creating better work, things I’m struggling with or thinking about in my working and/or creative life, “hacks” that work for me in this area, cool creative/arts things I’m seeing/doing, etc.

Thursday: Life and Style
Outfit ideas, home stuff, food stuff, intentional living, entertainment, etc.

Friday: Alternate between Friday Finds (LINKS!) and Fotos and a thought
Favorite links I’ve found, a favorite photo from my archive and an inspiring quote and/or idea

As you can see there’s a lot to play with in there, and a lot of etc.  But that’s generally what I’m shooting for.

It’s not that much different from what I’ve done before, except I’m telling you about it.

You will notice that there are no more haikutes!  For various reasons, that well has run dry, but I will miss my weekly dose of cute animals.  I’ll probably still pin them on my Pinterest board, though!

Another thing that’s not in there is my 30 things post.  Those will appear once a month, wherever they happen to fit in.  Believe it or not, I figured out that if I do one of those monthly that I will finish it right before I turn 30!  There are the perfect number of months from here on out to do that!

And that’s the plan for 2014.

What do you think of the sometimessheblogs 2014 plan?

New stuff on the blog

Well, we’re 2 weeks into 2013, so how’s everyone doing so far? One of my unofficial New Year’s Resolutions (unofficial because I tend to avoid them as they make me feel guilty about life in general) is to continue to blog and make it better. I know, could I get any more boring and vague?

No matter, I’m doing it, trying my best to post every weekday (even if it only consists of 17 syllables…) but also nail down what in the world sometimes she blogs is about. So I made a mind map.

For real, ya’ll, I made a mind map. And I discovered that while sometimes she blogs does in fact feature varied content (adorable animal photos plus travel photos plus the occasional thoughtful post on faith equals varied, dontchaknow), it actually tends to fall into 8 general categories:

  1. Travel
  2. Style
  3. Marriage/Relationships
  4. Tech/Internet
  5. Entertainment
  6. Arts
  7. Life/Work
  8. ME!

Those last 2 allow me to post about whatever, because hey, it’s my blog.

Is this a lot of stuff? Yep, but that’s what the internet is good for, and in my opinion, it’s what makes a blog a great medium for me. I hope you agree.

Don’t expect to see all those topics covered every week, but when you stop by you can expect posts on one of those subjects. I have finally committed to Entertainment “section,” if you will, because oh my goodness do I love some good television, movie, and pop culture goodies. To flesh out that topic, I’ve developed 2 new series (you’ll see at least 1 post a month/series): Movies that Mean Something (fun, good movies and the lessons I take away from them) and TV you should be watching, but probably aren’t. Because, you guys, we can’t let them cancel my favorite shows!

As part of my goal to continue to better my blog I also revamped my about and bio page, and changed my tagline which I hope makes the goals of sometimes she blogs a little more clear. If you don’t have time to click those links (really? Ok…) the short story is this: I write about things I like, and I kind of like everything. I can’t write about everything all the time, so I’ll write about some of the things some of the time.

I hope you’ll keep stopping by sometimes she blogs! And hey, let me know what you think every once in awhile! Aka, comments are most welcome here!

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas from bravo
Our Christmas is not snowy this year (and there aren’t many years when it is) but this photo reminds me of The Guns and my first Christmas Eve as a married couple. It was snowing and Bravo just did not get it.  That look says “Let me inside!  You people are crazy! Also, don’t I look cute in this Christmas sweater?”

I don’t know what you’re doing this Christmas, but I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy giving, celebrating, your family, your friends, and your sweater and antler-wearing pets.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.