I started blogging about my wedding and wedding planning in 2009, and since then my blog has taken on many forms, many names, and many taglines. From bride to be, to newlywed, to traveler, I’ve changed over the past 4 years, and so has my blog. I hope we continue to do so.

With that being said, even though sometimes she blogs will always reflect my life at this moment, here are some subjects you can always expect:

Style (clothes, home, life)
Travel (tips, photos, anecdotes)
Relationships (romantic and otherwise)
Work (and how to do it well)
Entertainment (my current favorites in tv and film)
Creativity (creating art, things, and your best life)
Technology (and the internet)
the Loves of my Life (The Guns, our furbabies, et. al)
and my Guilty Pleasures (cute animals, viral videos, that One Direction song, etc.)

To sum up, sometimes she blogs celebrates a life well-lived and work well done.

So, if you’re down with that, read on. Because we have a lot to talk about.

Nothing new is under the sun.  I try my best to post ideas that are truly my ideas, but sometimes I build from other sources (as we all do), and I do my best to mention that or link back to it or both. If I’ve used your material in an unfair manner, then please contact me so that I can rectify that. I expect the same respect from you regarding my content.  Please share it!  Yay!  But not as your own.  Boo! That’s gross.

With images, if there is no denotation of a photographer, you can assume that it’s by me.  Please let me know if you plan on using it, and give me attribution somehow.  All other images are linked back to the source, either embedded into the photo itself, below the photo, or at the end of the post (and sometimes a combination).  If you have a problem with how I’m using your image, then please contact me and I’ll be happy to take it down.


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Hi All,

Long story short, in October I found it near impossible to continue blogging. I missed the writing but keeping up with one. more. thing. was driving me mad.

And so, as most bloggers do, I stopped.

But I’ve regrouped and created a new, personal and professional internet home. Check out kjlangford.com

It’s somewhat of an online portfolio, but I also plan on curating some cool stuff on a blog over there.

I’ll leave sometimes she blogs as is. I might copy some of the stuff from here over to my new site. We’ll see.

I won’t bore you, but if you do want more of my thought process behind this change… you can read my first post over there.

Thanks for hanging in there and following me.

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