September Shorts: My New Brain

Sooo…. I cut down to 3x posting per week in the summer. And I’m still falling kind of behind. So. now I bring you “september Shorts.” Basically… a challenge to myself to create super succinct posts. Might be a glimpse into my life, my brain, or something I’m struggling with.

But less than 250 words. WHAT?

Here’s the first one:


Meet my new brain planner. It has made my life much better. If you think you have your life under control but still struggle to get your tasks in order… PLANNER. Get one. And, honestly, unless you’ve completely committed to digitizing your entire life, just get a paper planner. I used to depend on my phone calendar and reminder system… but sometimes paper and pen is faster, and just having my planner with me as a reminder to check it is enough to keep me on track. I also find that using one that lists hours throughout the day and gives me space to write down “to dos” really helps.

Do you use a paper planner?


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