who is she?

IMG_0156Hi, I’m Krista.  Sometimes I go by kjlangford.  Here are some things you might want to know about me.

Cities where I’ve lived
Lawrenceville, GA (suburb of Atlanta), Fort Worth, Texas (for school, but it’s home now), the world via cruise ship (currently for most of the year, home away from home.)
Things I’ve studied
Dance (ballet and modern dance, and others all through college), Writing
Degrees I’ve earned

BFA, BA both from Texas Christian University (Go Horned Frogs!). Oh yeah, summa cum laude (you can brag on a blog right? Right!?)
Jobs I’ve had
Oh boy.  Dancer (no not that kind), dance teacher, freelance writer, tutor, choreographer, pre-school fitness teacher (yes, that’s a thing), segway tour guide (jealous?), and cruise ship librarian (also a thing), and now technology teacher for a cruise line (I like weird jobs).
Cool Stuff I’ve done
Read my jobs list.  Also, traversed the Panama Canal more than 10 times. Assisted with the launch of Windows 8 in Times Square, been to Stonehenge, the Blue Lagoon, Bora Bora, Waikiki Beach, Juneau Alaska and Dublin over the course of a year, got married to someone that was originally kind of a rebound date (this might be the coolest), got an awesome dog off Craig’s List (2nd coolest).
People I love
mom, dad, bro, in-laws, my husband Jacob (aka The Guns), and of course Bravo.  Also too many wonderful friends to name
Internet joints I frequent
This blog (duh)
Posts that tell my story
How The Guns proposed
Our Wedding
Meet Bravo
Our newest adventure


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Hi All,

Long story short, in October I found it near impossible to continue blogging. I missed the writing but keeping up with one. more. thing. was driving me mad.

And so, as most bloggers do, I stopped.

But I’ve regrouped and created a new, personal and professional internet home. Check out kjlangford.com

It’s somewhat of an online portfolio, but I also plan on curating some cool stuff on a blog over there.

I’ll leave sometimes she blogs as is. I might copy some of the stuff from here over to my new site. We’ll see.

I won’t bore you, but if you do want more of my thought process behind this change… you can read my first post over there.

Thanks for hanging in there and following me.

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