September Shorts: Fall Favorites

It’s finally Fall! Here are some things I’m loving:

Pumpkin Spice Latte – from 7/11 because I can’t be bothered with $3 drinks, and there are no Starbucks near my house or work. Also pumpkin everything. EVERYTHING.

The chill – I swear I woke up yesterday to 60 degree weather as if Texas had just decided to turn on “Fall” on the exact right date. Crazy. Now if only the leaves would change to orange instead of going straight to brown…

Sweaters – ok I haven’t worn a sweater yet, but I can’t wait to wear my new  Jcrew sweaters… and I can feel it coming and even that makes me feel super awesome!

New TV – Parks and Rec coming back! Also Season 6 on Netflix on FRIDAY!

THANKSGIVING! Ya’ll I love Thanksgiving. and it’s coming up!


Wearing burnt orange. I don’t know, I just only do that during the fall, and then I miss it a little bit…

Back to School Shopping – Ok, I’ve already done this when I bought my new planner. But I’m still buying stuff like I need to go to school.

What about you? What do you love about Fall?


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