7 Internet things that made me happy yesterday

Hello my internet friends, and also my friends who care to read what I write on the internet…

I planned to write about my TV Fast today, but then I never went through with the TV Fast (another post, another time) so I really can’t write about it now can I.

And then it occurred to me.

The internet made me really happy today. er, yesterday.

So I thought I’d tell you about that instead. So without further ado here are 7 things from the internet that made me happy yesterday:

1) Sara without an H and mir.i.am sing EW!

And then make it onto Billboard and iTunes charts. Is this real life?

2) This girl (aka my NEW HERO!) dance bombing at Whole Foods…

3) Taylor Swift (my other hero) tweeting about my new hero

4) This list of awesomely funny parents

”Imagine having kids.

Wrong, you don’t have time to imagine any more!”

5) I don’t even like Seinfeld but this list of its fictional movies ranked is pretty amazing.

6) Alfonso and Whitney on Dancing with the Stars this week

And not just because he does the Carlton… it’s just some good dancing ya’ll!

7) JK Rowling’s Teasing Cryptic Tweet!

And the fact that it isn’t April Fool’s Day so she was for real… but then I read this Time article and really it’s just about her Fantastic Beasts movie, but STILL! Twas exciting! And also the fact that someone bothered to solve the anagram… and was able to do so correctly! Go Emily!


Friday Finds (07/18/2014)

All of Ron Swanson’s emotions. Surprisingly, there are a lot.

I could have told you this.

Ms. Williams Brown (from Adulting) has been writing more lately. These 2 posts (here and here) had me nodding along, saying “oh yes, this is true!” Which doesn’t always happen on the internet.

These fallen-themed photos are hilarous!

I don’t always do this chef’s trick, but when I do I’m super productive.

It always feels good to have checked off the majority of a “best of” travel list. This one lists the best places to visit in the US for 2014.

This photo is everything I love about the internet. Everything. Plus it has inbread dogs. That’s not a typo (and I can’t take credit for that joke, which is my biggest regret).

Friday Finds 4th of July Edition (07/04/14)

Facts about the 50 states we’re celebrating today!

Happy 4th of July to my US friends! Here are some links to help you celebrate!

For some reason, I find Independence Day to be the most Martha Stewart of holidays, if I’m allowed to use Martha as an adjective (and I am, my blog, my rules). If you agree, here are all of her 4th of July ideas!

On a similar note… here are July 4th party ideas from Real Simple, which I love, but never find to be, ahem, real simple…

I’m loving Six Word Memoirs! Here’s a (super basic) one that’s July 4th themed.

At a loss for what to bring to the barbecue tonight? Lots of choices here! 

The only blog I read that has regular DIY and craft posts did a round up of red, white and blue themed projects. And um, sriracha popsicles????

What a gorgeous, vintage-themed 4th party!

Learn how to keep your dog calm in spite of the many high volume celebrations that will be happening tonight.

And speaking of dogs, a ridiculous Uncle Sam accessory for your best friend. Oh, and here’s one for cat lovers for their furry master.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Friday Finds 6/20/14

Jamiroquai, time lapse, and goofy dancing = perfection

Let’s get straight to the links!

Why we love to dance to Pharrell (yeah, I’m still not tired of Happy! Found via A CUP OF JO)

I love pretty much anything that Sarah does, but this post was particularly enjoyable: little things to do to look presentable… even if you haven’t showered lately.

Have you ever used Airbnb or Lyft? It’s on my to do list but according to this article I have a “high trust threshold.”

How accurate is this map?

And clearly I need a hedgehog if only for the awesome photographic opportunities.

Friday Finds 6/6/14

So much tiny!

Hi friends! What have you been up to? I’ve been doing a TON of dancing, dance teaching, and general schedule wrangling (which is it’s own sort of dance). Also, today is a big day for me, I hope we have a successful event tonight!

If you have nothing going on (or too much and you need a break) here are some links for you!

I only knew about one of these 33 amazingly useful sites! Number 4 and number 10 are now permanently bookmarked. (PS- some language, because BuzzFeed)

DEMENTORS ARE REAL! And in related news… still no owl from Hogwarts. :/

Have you read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green? I just recently read it, and I’m so excited that the movie comes out today! What made me want to read it? Well, this article, and also realizing that John Green the author is also John Green the host of Mental Floss’ YouTube Channel!
”Green is the current undisputed king of YA, an earnest, friendly Harry Styles meets Encyclopedia Brown, followed both in public and online by a giddily respectful army of, mostly, teenage girls.” …”The shoot has made him reflective about the nature of celebrity. “People are stopping you, and they’re saying nice things, but like, it makes you constantly consciously aware when you’re in public that you are not actually your private self, or that you can’t actually be your private self,” he says. “In the same way that if I yell at my kid about a Hot Wheel or something, and then I turn around and there’s a Nerdfighter and she’s like, ‘I’m such a big fan!’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I’m trying to have a corrective moment with my son, and this is weird.’”

I love what Elsie and Emma and team do at A Beautiful Mess, and though I will probably NEVER do most of the projects they post, (easily inspired, craft/DIY challenged as my mom says) I REALLY want to do every. single. project. in this roundup of photo project ideas. This one and this one look particularly difficult, but super awesome.

Is it weird that I want one of these? I mean, not now… but eventually.

And it turns out that Kristen Bell and I have a lot in common!

Friday Finds 5/23/14

This video is helping as I cope with my loss of HIMYM. Related: I also love Billy Eichner in Parks and Recreation.

Applying for jobs? Avoid these pitfalls that make you look unprofessional (and apparently they need to tell us not to put attach a bikini photo to our resume? Whoever did that, you’re making us all look bad).

Iceland and 9 other countries that are the world’s friendliest

These trees are real, not part of the Avatar set like I originally thought.

So Brogamats are a thing. A hilarious thing.

Salads for breakfast? Hmmm…

Blow your mind with these forced perspective photos.

And to make you smile… dogs tilting their heads!

Oh, and in case you didn’t think I believed in equal opportunity… cats sitting in small things.

Friday Finds 5/9/14

This is my husband’s dream come true.

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! Take some time off and click through these links!

You know those products you use everyday? You’re doing it wrong. Seriously, you have the wrong plunger.

French foods we should be eating more of here in the US. Not a huge French fan, but I must say I totally agree, especially when it comes to kir royales, macarons, and, believe it or not escargot! (Do you like garlicky mushrooms? THEN YOU LIKE ESCARGOT!)

Do any of you use photoshop? You should be making these surrealist images using this tutorial. I will buy one from you.


Bookmarking this for when I think I want to completely redecorate our house.

Despite traveling for 3 years, I would not classify myself as a “master traveler,” especially after reading this list.

In the event that you need even more apps.

And to make your heart warm… but fearful: a wolf and bear are friends!

Stand While Social and 5 other tactics for enhancing online productivity

Psst… no one’s paying me to write this. Just doing it because I like to share my thoughts.
online productivity
You guys, I love the internet.

There is a category of posts on my blog called “ilovetheinternet”
I’ve technically been blogging since 2004. I had a Xanga.
I joined Twitter in 2008. I tweet daily while my friends who got me to join rarely use it
One of the first things I do everyday is read blogs and other online news.

So I know, I mean I really know, how wonderful and yet overwhelming the world wide web can be.

And while I’ve always known that I can bend to toward the overuse of the internet, in the last few months I’ve been sinking more and more into constant connection and online overwhelm… and yet half of that time online is not spent in a productive manner.

And so in the last month or so I’ve started implementing (or thinking about implementing) certain online constraints and practices to help me stay productive and not fall down a never-ending internet rabbit hole. I’m certainly not out of the woods, but I am taking baby steps.  Here’s what I’m doing:

Stand While Social
We have a storage unit that stands next to our television and we’ve been putting our largest laptop on it so that we can easily connect it to the TV via HDMI and watch shows online on our TV. I recently realized that the unit places the laptop at the perfect height for using the PC while standing. So now, if I’m going to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or my RSS feed at home after 9AM, then I’m doing it standing up at that computer (if I check it before 9AM, I’m in my new workspace, or in bed if it’s a Saturday). This makes me less likely to browse endlessly like I do lying on the couch with my tablet. Plus, standing is so much better than sitting.

Social media blocking
I haven’t done this yet, but I’m looking into using some sort of application to set times when sites like Facebook are blocked on my PC. Popular ones include Leechblock, Self Control, and Anti-Social. Or you can do it yourself with some code. Or you can have will power and just tell yourself that you’re only doing social media twice a day… but who can actually do that???

Avoid clicking on Facebook articles
One of my big time sucks is clicking on articles that are shared via Facebook or Twitter. The problem with clicking on Facebook is many times the articles are not helpful they only anger me. You know what I’m talking about. So, now if a link on Facebook is not about adorable animals, Harry Potter, or an awesome grilled cheese recipe… not clicking.

Twitter lists
I only recently created Twitter lists for myself, and I know I’m still not using them to their full potential. If you don’t know what Twitter lists are, you can make categorical lists of the people you follow on Twitter, and only see updates from people on those lists. For example I have a list for friends and family, and then I have a list for celebrities, local stuff, and also a list for dance or art profiles. Instead of reading through your Twitter feed all at once, you can just look at one segment of the people you follow by clicking on one of your lists. This is not a perfect solution for me since I’m a completist and really really want to read the entire feed, however I’m still tweaking my reading practices and hopefully these lists will help.

Twitter favorites
As I’ve mentioned, a big time suck for me is clicking on every article that seems interesting. It’s necessary because I’m trying to share as much valuable information as I can, both through Twitter and the blog, but it feels urgent (read it now! Before you forget!) when it’s really not at all. So recently I started favoriting tweets to mark them to that I can easily find them later (when I am making a Friday Finds post, or filling my Buffer) at a time when I am able to fully read them. Forgive me if this is incredibly obvious, but it really does help. Another option? Apps like Pocket.

I like to subscribe to email newsletters, but it’s another thing that was taking a ton of time out of my day, because most of the time when my phone told me I had a new email it was a non-urgent, non-personal email newsletter. So I started using Unroll.Me. It’s awesome, I’ve written about it before, I know, but here’s another rundown: sign up, it analyzes your inbox to find any newsletters you subscribe to. It gives you a chance to unsubscribe to any newsletter (way easier than finding that info yourself), and then the rest it puts in a daily digest called a roll up. Any of your newsletters (that you want. You can choose to have the important ones go to your inbox if that works better for you) that you’ve rolled up go straight to an unroll.me folder in your inbox (you can get to them any time you want) and one time per day Unroll.me sends you an email that is a summary of the newsletters you received that day. You can pick if the digest gets emailed to you in the morning or evening. Now, I don’t get interrupted several times per day by a million newsletters as they hit my inbox, instead I get my digest at 7:30 in the morning and I only click on the items that I want to read. If I sign up for a new newsletter, it finds it and asks if I want to roll it up. Anything else that comes to my inbox is personal.

What tools do you use to stay productive and avoid online overwhelm?

Friday Finds 4/25/14

I just saw Frozen last week, so now I finally get this video.

This week I did some dancing, some working, some writing, and some meeting. How bout you?

Let’s cut to the chase! My favorite links this week are…

Number 17 and 21 of this list of the most hipster things that have ever happened (all in jest, I love my hipsters!) made me cry from laughing so hard.

Did you know that male bowerbirds create and decorate nests to attract female mates? They even have an eye for color and design! Animals are crazy!

Hear, Hear!

Cannot. resist. Harry Potter. Theories…

Oh no, Kendi has introduced me to Golden Tote… 

If you want to take pictures of puddle reflections… here’s how you do that.

Share your favorite links of the week in the comments!

Why didn’t anyone tell me about… Pentatonix?

This is a new semi-regular series where we discuss things that I was “late to the party on” but now I have firmly cemented myself in the bandwagon of these cultural landmarks.

Today I ask you friends, why did no one tell me about…


You guys, they’re awesome. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? And they’re from Arlington, Texas! While that Little Drummer Boy video that floated around at Christmas is really good, they are so much more awesome than just that one cover of good cheer.  Here are my favorites.

The Evolution of Music

Cover of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Can’t Hold Us

I think every a capella group is required to do a cover of Royals

An actually good version of Gangnam Style

Maybe my most favorite: The Evolution of Beyonce.

A mashup to commemorate their appearance on Sesame Street!

And if they’re sounding sort of familiar to you, but you’re just not sure where you’ve heard them? Maybe it’s in the new Lucky Charms commercial!

Do you love Pentatonix?