7 Internet things that made me happy yesterday

Hello my internet friends, and also my friends who care to read what I write on the internet…

I planned to write about my TV Fast today, but then I never went through with the TV Fast (another post, another time) so I really can’t write about it now can I.

And then it occurred to me.

The internet made me really happy today. er, yesterday.

So I thought I’d tell you about that instead. So without further ado here are 7 things from the internet that made me happy yesterday:

1) Sara without an H and mir.i.am sing EW!

And then make it onto Billboard and iTunes charts. Is this real life?

2) This girl (aka my NEW HERO!) dance bombing at Whole Foods…

3) Taylor Swift (my other hero) tweeting about my new hero

4) This list of awesomely funny parents

”Imagine having kids.

Wrong, you don’t have time to imagine any more!”

5) I don’t even like Seinfeld but this list of its fictional movies ranked is pretty amazing.

6) Alfonso and Whitney on Dancing with the Stars this week

And not just because he does the Carlton… it’s just some good dancing ya’ll!

7) JK Rowling’s Teasing Cryptic Tweet!

And the fact that it isn’t April Fool’s Day so she was for real… but then I read this Time article and really it’s just about her Fantastic Beasts movie, but STILL! Twas exciting! And also the fact that someone bothered to solve the anagram… and was able to do so correctly! Go Emily!


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