Recent Obsessions, Part 1

I like to say I’m obsessive, but I don’t really mean that I have to triple check blogs before I post them or that I rewrote my notes from college if I had to switch from blue to black ink halfway through (you know who you are one of my bridesmaids) or that I have to wash my hands 36 times before I have to leave the house.  No, when I say obsessive, I mean I find it fairly easy to pick up a new obsession.  For example, I’ll make sure I have access to an entire season of a television show before I even know if I like it, because even if I only like it kind of I’ll have to see all the episodes and possibly all the web content as well (this does not apply to Whitney, that and Secret Life of the American Teenager are exempt from that rule).  I like to be a cheerleader of little known things, have full knowledge of television series, and, apparently, the lives of comediennes.

The only thing I love more than completing and/or maintaining an obsession is picking up a new one.  So here are the most recent ones I’ve developed:

1) Packing Cubes
I first heard about packing cubes about 2 years ago, and ever since we started living out of suitcases I thought they might be a good investment.  I received them for Christmas (these: the medium set and the variety pack) and I can now tell you that my previous comment is the understatement of the year.  To put it plainly, Packing Cubes are a REVELATION I tell you!  They are awesome sauce.  Normally packing for 3-4 months is a nightmare that I dread because I know I’ll begin crying helplessly as the contents of my closet lay in wreckage around me and only The Guns can talk me down and encourage me to just start putting things in the suitcase for the love of all things beautiful. (This actually happened once, prompting my mother to tell him that she wouldn’t blame him for throwing me overboard.  I’m bad at packing).  But I am looking forward to it now that I have my packing cubes. 

Oh, some of you don’t know what packing cubes are? Well, they are these little mesh cubes. And you can put whatever in them, stuff them full, and then when you put them in your suitcase it’s a lot easier to pack logically because it’s a bunch of squares instead of a bunch of piles.  And then when you unpack it’s cool too because everything’s separated from each other instead of mixed together.  If you don’t understand how great this is you probably have magical powers that you use to pack instead. Or you just have wrinkled clothes.

2) Amy Poehler
Speaking of magical powers, I would like to be Amy Poehler’s best friend because I’m pretty sure she has them.  Ok, really I just think she’s a really great person and friend and incredibly talented. How did I come to this realization?  Well, I’ve been watching anything about Parks and Rec on hulu and Chris Pratt, one of the co-stars on the show, said she was the nicest person ever and that she set the tone for the set during a panel about Parks and Rec, and that panel was the most fun I have ever had watching a bunch of people be funny and talk about their jobs.  Then I read Bossypants by Tina Fey and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling and they both have the nicest things to say about her (she’s one of the only famous people they mention by name and say positive things about beyond “incredibly funny” “hugely talented” or “might not get the job done, but still a star”).  I was already aware that she was funny and seemed like a nice person, but a common theme lately is that she’s an awesome person and so this makes me happy.

So Amy, if you’re reading this and want to meet up I can get you a friendship bracelet that matches mine and also Emma Stone’s.  We can braid each other’s hair (well, you can braid mine, I’m bad with hair) and sip milkshakes, and you can teach me your Sarah Palin rap and we can talk about how awesome our husbands are.  Cool?  Cool.

I have 3 more obsessions, but I’ll save them for Part 2.


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