Recent Obsessions, Part 2

Why am I writing about this?  Read part 1, and you’ll understand.  It’s not really a reason but it’s related.

More obsessions!

3) Memoirs by women, funny women
From December 15 to January 1 I read 5.5 books.  One was fiction.  The other 5 were memoirs of sorts female comedians and/or comedy writers.  This is a lot of books to read, for me, in that time span. I think I read more books in that 15 day period than I did in the entire year. The books were:

Bossypants by Tina Fey
Official Book Club Selection by Kathy Griffin
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling
I don’t care about your band, by Julie Klausner
The NY Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance by Elna Baker

I’m still working on Mindy Kaling’s book because it’s so delightful that I’m not ready to be done with it yet so I’m putting off finishing it.

I have enjoyed all these books, some more than others, and I’d highly recommend all of them to any reader, especially if you’re a fan of any of these women (the exception is Kathy Griffin’s book… if you are not a fan or don’t enjoy her humor then you can skip it.  I think she’s hysterical though and her story is pretty inspiring)  But I wasn’t intentionally picking up memoirs by comediennes, I was intentionally picking up memoirs.  It’s still my favorite literary genre, and if a memoir is funny in addition to being thoughtful then I’m even happier.  Subconsciously perhaps I’m realizing that by reading books like these, I may learn some skills for writing something like it.  A non-blog/actual book that is my memoir.

And yes, I know I’m only 25 mom…

4) Cream cheese
Cream cheese and oreos, Cream cheese and jalapenos and bacon.  Cream cheese and pepper jelly.  Cream cheese and cake.  It’s alarming the amount of cream cheese my mom bought at Sam’s Club to prep for all the holiday foods.

5) Accessories for Bravo
Photos explain this better than I can…
reindeer 1


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