The story right now…

So you’re wondering what we’ve been up to?

Ok, maybe you aren’t wondering, but perhaps you’d like to read about it anyway?  Yes?  Ok then…

On January 2nd we disembarked the ship and flew from San Diego to Atlanta to stay with my family for some post-holiday celebration and catch up.  Bravo was living with The Guns’ parents in Texas, so we didn’t see him right away, but instead we saw awesome dog Gary, who is not quite as fun as Bravo but is great because he’s big and muscular and you can tackle him without a worry about his imminent death.  All in all, I got my dog fix.  We spent just over a week hanging with my family and visiting friends and eating non-ship food and sleeping 10 hours a day.  It was great.

Then we almost got snowed in, but somehow still made it on a flight to Corpus Christi (though my dad was not so lucky… long story short he spent about 33 hours either in traffic or at the airport before he finally got on a successful flight… the joys of southern snow…) and arrived around 1AM.  The Guns’ parents brought us home and we were reunited with Bravo… who was very excited to see us but then spent the next 2 days feeling very confused.  Our dog has abandonment issues, basically.  But slowly he began to trust us again, and we saw all the things we loved about Bravo, that make him Bravo (little dog syndrome, roaming around the house looking for crooks and thieves, an inability to fetch, a penchant for yoga, and a really cute “I want a treat” dance).  Our week in Corpus was filled with dog loving, more sleep, and lots of much needed catch up time with family.  Oh, and we watched the Social Network (love.).

After a week in Corpus we (all three of us) took a winding road trip and stopped to see The Guns’ grandma, and also some friends of ours: bridesmaid H and groomsman A.  After haphazardly gallavanting around Texas a bit we ended up in Fort Worth at our dear friends’ new home where we have landed and all but moved in (Thanks S and J!).  We’ll be here for awhile before we embark on a ship again… not sure of the details of our next contract, but we’ll hopefully know much more soon.  But we plan to spend this time enjoying friends and our favorite city.  And maybe we’ll both be a little productive as well?  Who knows.  So far we’ve been consumed with those basic errands that happen when you’ve been away for awhile (cars, prescriptions, banks, storage units).  I had a reunion with some of the clothes I’ve been missing (hello black cropped skinnies, and I’m talking about you mustard yellow top!) and we’re no longer weeks behind on our favorite television (oh how we love understanding pop culture references in real time now), so we’ve got our priorities straight…

And that’s where we’re at right now.  More updates to come as things get finalized.  And until the updates, you can expect more musings from sea life, destination posts, and general randomness.


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