At Sea: More Hawaii

I already told you last week that Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian island that I’ve visited… and here are my 2nd and 3rd favorite things we did on the Garden Isle
Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  Don’t miss it.

 And my 3rd favorite thing about Kauai: Kalapaki beach

Interesting Hawaiian fact: There are no private beaches in Hawaii.  Any beach, even if it’s in someone’s backyard (or on a fancy schmancy resort’s property) is free game for all: locals and tourists alike.  Kalapaki beach is right behind Kauai’s Mariott, but was a popular spot for crew members since it’s just a short walk from the ship.
Interesting kj fact:  I’m not a beach person.  I don’t like to swim in the ocean because of the salt water (ow, my eyes!) and the waves and the fact that you can’t control the temperatures.  I don’t like to sunbathe because I always experience excruciating burns before I get barely half a shade darker on the tan spectrum (oh and I’m also perpetually fearful of skin cancer, which accounts for my obsession with 70+ spf sunscreen).  And I don’t really like the sand (because it can get into crevices I didn’t know existed…).  Give me my sunscreen, an umbrella and a book and I might be able to enjoy the beach.  But Kalapaki is the perfect beach for me, because I can lay in the grass!  No sand getting all over me and my stuff, and lovely palm trees to shade me whilst I read.  If only all beaches were half grass, half sand…
And another reason I love Kauai and Kalapaki beaches:
Wild chickens!

2 thoughts on “At Sea: More Hawaii

  1. I'm not a beach person either, for the same reasons! I hate, hate, HATE sand, and I burn way too easily. But I've never done the umbrella thing, so maybe I'd enjoy laying in the shade, listening to the waves, reading a book. For about an hour or two until I get bored.

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