Fashion Friday- Magenta Tights, I will conquer

As I mentioned earlier this week, we stayed with my parents in Georgia last week, so all but one of these looks is from over a week ago.  I know, I know, these looks are so last week, I’ll try to be more relevant!  This was the first time I’ve travelled since I started doing Fashion Fridays, so it was fun to pack by planning outfits, not just “2 pairs of jeans, a skirt, and 6 tops.”  I feel like I overpacked, on the other hand I ended up needing an extra outfit while I was there, so maybe not.
And, for some reason, I chose this week to try to pair my magenta tights.  I got quite obsessive about it, and I think I did conquer them.
ICan you find my magenta tights?  I took a note from academichic during tights week and layered them under some gray tights.  It was a total accident that it actually matches the color in the skirt’s print!  And an even bigger accident that the color is so subtle, almost fading in and out, kind of like the print!  I originally paired this with my looser, longer black cardigan and I think I like it better that way, but this is good too.  I guess a gray cardigan may have been even better.  And as usual I was excited to throw my teal belt in there.  Not sure how I feel about it because I’m so short-waisted, but I think it makes a fun silhouette.
Tank: Express
Cardigan: Old Navy
Magenta tights, gray tights: Target
Flats, skirt: thrifted, Gap- Gap via Plato’s Closet ($6! Holla!) (respectively)
Belt: Old Navy
Necklace: Maurices

I wish I’d done a shot of this without my jacket, but it was chilly.  Just an outfit I’ve been wanting to wear for awhile.  I bought this borderline tunic top for my 22nd birthday, but I don’t wear it that often because it has a lot of volume and has to be paired just right or else it looks really sloppy.  Enter my new belting habit.  Oh black belt, how I love you.  It’s not photographing that well, but the top has a tie on the side of the collar that is super fun.  And I know my purse is a bt out of place in terms of color, but it’s my go-to.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it… and I’ve had it for at least 4 years now.  And it’s from Target, which people never believe.

Top, jeans: Forever 21
Belt, Jacket: Rampage
Boots: Blowfish
Earrings: gifted, Macys
Purse, glasses: Target

Can you tell that I’m hiding?  I thought my top camouflaged me with the bush, but I guess not.  Just a St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Forever 21
Necklace: Maurices
Boots: Blowfish

This outfit should be named “happy accident.”  You see, every year when I came home from college I would bring with my clothes that were good, but that I never wore.  I also did last summer before I got married.  I left a lot of jewelry that I collected over the years, but never wore.  This dress and the brooch are two of those things that were left behind.  Also the black cardigan from the first photo.  We came home with a lot more clothes than when we left.  Anyway, I saw this dress in my closet and immediately thought of Jen’s style shot that made me want so desperately to pair my bright tights with an all over print dress, and decided to do it.  Add the brooch and, voila, an asymmetrical cardigan.  I wore this for chai with chaiamwoman, who I knew would be proud of me for working the magenta.  Glad I didn’t buy a dress just to go with these tights- I got to shop for free!  Talk about shopping your closet!  Does anyone else find great wardrobe finds at their childhood home?

Oh, and about my last two poses… I had been watching ANTM, so I guess I got a little excited about the possibilities of my new “set.”  Ha, also, dancers just can’t help themselves.

Dress: thrifted (I think…)
Cardigan: Express
Brooch: ?
Boots: Blowfish
Tights: Target

This is not a spring break look, but it’s my favorite outfit of this week, so I thought I’d include it.  This week, Tieka talked about how the right items will come along when you’re not sure how to pair something, and this outfit is a perfect example.  First came the earrings, which I picked up on a whim (they’re gorgeous and only $6), but I rarely wear the color.  Then I picked up the skirt from Plato’s Closet (also $6), and I was mostly attracted to the pairing of brown and teal- not even noticing the green and orange in the print.  Then, remember how I shopped my childhood closet?  I also got to shop my mom’s closet- she has a great collection of scarves she rarely wears so she let me have some, and I grabbed this one mostly because I thought it was fun.  A few days ago I decided I needed to wear the skirt but knew I needed more than just a solid top to complete the outfit and so I pulled out the scarf and went “whoa!  exact same color palette!!!!!” Added the earrings and denim blazer and bam- new favorite outfit.

Also, isn’t this purple tree crazy?

Tank, earrings: Old Navy
Blazer: Levi
Skirt: A’gaci
Flats: Rocketdog
Scarf: stolen gifted from Mom

Forgive me for the self-praise, but looking at these photos, I’m thinking that I’ve come a long way since my first Fashion Friday!  YAY!

I really am curious, have you left some style items behind (literally and figuratively) that you might like to revisit?  Back of your closet?  Parents’ house? Or are you anti-hoarding, so you throw away/leave behind/sell, etc. without looking back?


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday- Magenta Tights, I will conquer

  1. All of these outfits are super cute!!! I absolutely love the last outfit; each piece goes together so well! I do have clothes left at my parents house, but it is not clothes that I would just go and wear. It consists of costumes, my letter jacket from HS and 2 formals (prom and homecoming).

  2. definitely my favorite fashion friday so far! appears you are getting into a really good groove with your “personal style.” i thought i loved the outfit you wore for chai a lot but DANG! i love the last outfit – the whole set is creative, the prints are gorgeous and you look so relaxed and springy…

    promise i'm getting around to finishing/commenting on your other posts this week.

  3. I loved this Fashion Friday — I think you are becoming really comfortable in mixing colors and accessories. I especially love the magenta look and the last one with the scarf and earrings.


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