Nickname my Husband!

Spring makes you want to change things, doesn’t it?

I think it’s easier to make big changes at the beginning of a new season rather than at the beginning of a year.  Who wants to change things January 1?  Not me.  I want to eat a lot, and sleep, and watch tv.

But now I’m wanting to think and do things, and one of those things is a blog overhaul.  Without getting into it too much, I want a new name, a new banner, possibly a new template/visual design.  And a new plan.

I started Unveiled as a wedding planning/marriage commenting blog, but I’m not wedding planning anymore, so the name is a little less awesome.  I mean, it’s still “unveiling” me so to speak (which is why I’m ok with keeping the same URL, even if I change the blog name, plus I don’t want to lose anyone by moving URLs.  I’ll make some changes and see how I feel.) but I don’t wear veils on a daily basis so it’s not the same.

Anyway, then the blog just became my place to babble, and then I was all WEDDING WEDNESDAY!  And FASHION FRIDAY, and while I have no desire to write a blog focused only on fashion/style, I do love incorporating it (as well as wedding stuff, because I love weddings.)- but I’m not liking my c urrent setup.

So, sometime in the next month, I’ll be making some big changes, but first I need your help.

What should I nickname my husband??  Really, I’m being serious.  His name is Jacob, and I’ve been calling him “J” (in case you hadn’t noticed) as much as I love him and his name, I want to have a cool blogname for him.  Like how Pioneer Woman calls her husband (sidenote- her husband’s name is Ladd, so that’s cool already but whatever) Marlboro Man (not because he smokes- that I know of- but because he reminds her of the cowboy types in the old Marlboro ads- at least that’s my assumption).  But my creativity is lost.  And for some reason, I feel the need to do this before I make any blog changes.  Sometimes I get caught up on things.

So I’m asking for some help from you!  Give me some ideas for nicknames.  And if you read my blog and know us in real life, please comment, do not be afraid (all my IRL friends are non-commenters, I’m trying to get them over their fear).

Here are some guidelines.  Wait, there’s just one.  I don’t do cutesy.  You will never hear me call him my “hubby.”  It makes me gag.  Great if it works for you, but I just can’t do it.

Here are some of my favorite photos of Jacob, along with facts about Jacob to give you some inspiration.

As I’ve said before, this photo is a great image of our relationship.  
Clearly he likes to make this face… Also, did you know that one of the meanings of Jacob is “Trickster?”
Another is “Deceiver” but that’s one of those things I pretend I don’t know.
My husband teaches high school.  And sometimes acts like a high schooler.  It’s ok, I do too.
I just like this picture.
He’s not super coordinated, but he’s easily taught.
His favorite comedy is Zoolander, and he enjoys male modeling.  Not professionally.  he’s still an amateur.  We’re working on his signature walk and pose.
He’s a secret agent.  No, he’s not, but he did apply to be an FBI Service Agent, but you have to have perfect eyesight so it didn’t work out.  They did not see this photo, obviously.
He’s a geography buff, which means he can drive with no hands, and no map
I’m starting to make my husband look like a tool.
He’s always up for some celebration.
Sooo, any names?  I’m taking suggestions, please help me out.

7 thoughts on “Nickname my Husband!

  1. Oooh…this is something I'll need to put some thought into. Normally I just call him big jake. You could shorten it to BJ, but I think that's kinda lame. Maybe there's something “Office” related that you could name him. Like Jello. Or Dunder. Or Dundee.

    You need to find a character that captures the essence of who Jake really is…like MM. I'm pretty sure most excellent doesn't cut it though. : )

  2. J-ceiver. As is in deceiver – relating to the meaning of his name. Receiver – Jacob, were you ever a WR? Regardless, relates to something he enjoys. And maybe a spy-like code name? Pretty much though, I've got nothing:)


  3. I have a couple of ideas:

    Michael Scott.

    Dwight K Schrute.



    Guys' night.

    CC, short for corpus Christi.

    oh, and let us not forget, Bear Grylls.

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