Why didn’t anyone tell me about… Febreze?

Why didn't anyone tell me about

This is a semi-regular series where we discuss things that I was “late to the party on” but now I have firmly cemented myself in the bandwagon of these cultural landmarks.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about Febreze?

I love those commercials where the blindfolded people are in a pigsty and they think they’re in an early 1900s English garden! But I never believed that anything could be quite so effective.

But, just like those crazy erasers, Febreze is magical. I didn’t know until about my 3rd year on the ship. The person I was replacing left some Febreze behind in the cabin, and about a month into my contract I was behind on laundry and had to put on my gorgeous, but very worn orange polo AGAIN and I thought I would just be a little… er, stale smelling that day. Just not so fresh as normal, that’s all. But then I noticed the Febreze.

Might as well try it, I thought.

So I did. And the heavens opened, and I saw the light.

I no longer had to smell stale? I could freshen my clothes with this magical spray? What an idea.

I mean, don’t get grossed out, I still do laundry. But if I’m a little behind, or have to wear an item multiple times (great for work uniforms, production costumes, or your favorite jeans that you never want to wash), boom, Febreze.

But seriously I was 27 years old before I realized that was an option.


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