My real friends

I recently read a blog post that I wholeheartedly agreed with. This is rare. But of course, it was on Donald Miller’s Storyline blog, which makes it a little less odd. Anyway, the post talks about not identifying/introducing friends based on their occupation, but based on who they are. Because what if someone isn’t proud of their job, or if others don’t know what their job is it might stunt conversation.

I don’t necessarily need to do this. I count among my friends movement trainers, professional dancers, medical residents, dance teachers, production assistants, school teachers and counselors, future social workers, stand up comics, staff members for ballet companies, and people who are generally renowned in their fields.

My point is, all my friends should be proud of their work. But as someone who has had a litany of odd jobs and work that is often misunderstood, I can relate, and I appreciate the effort to value who a person is rather than what they do. So I thought I would say right here, who my friends are:

Laura is an amazing mother and is a friend who will always be honest with me and who mirrors me in a fantastically dry and sarcastic way to remind me that most of the time it’s in my head.

Josie prayed that I would become my husband’s wife, and is the friend I call when I need a positive outlook and can’t seem to find one on my own. She also will always tell me to go ahead and buy the amazing dress.

Ashanti is my greatest encourager. She believes I can do anything and she tells me so. And she’s an amazing dancer. Just try to keep up with her on the dance floor at a wedding. You will not succeed.

Jason is the kindest, most loving, and also most exhausting person you’ll ever meet.. and I mean that in the best way possible. He wants to talk to you to find out what you have to offer, what’s special about you, and then he’ll tailor all his jokes so that you will laugh til you pass out.

Emily is the friend I call when I feel insane. If I ever own a business she will be my partner and I will text her at 3am with ideas and questions about what we should do next. We will have more inside jokes than you and your friends.

Hollis is my friend who taught me what friendship really is. That sometimes it’s difficult but it’s always worth it, and she taught me not to give up when things get uncomfortable. She also taught me how to get a bartender to take my order and how to do most of the country line dances that I know.

Natalie is my sunshine friend. I think of her and smile because I just can’t help it. I admire her independence and unabashed way of being herself and knowing what she loves (dance, friends, and Harry Potter).

Petrina is my friend who will let me yammer on until I’m through talking, and then quietly drop life-changing news about moving to Singapore or getting married. She’s selfless that way, always wanting to know your story rather than sharing hers, though it’s incredibly interesting and you should listen.

Julia is the smartest, most mature person I know. She is loyal and faithful and the kind of friend who remembers minute details. I’m amazed she counts me as a friend. She’s also the perfect friend to take shopping or to help you through a break up because she’s an enabler. “Yes! BUY IT!” and also “this sucks, you should definitely eat all the ice cream and then take a Tylenol PM to sleep through the night, no you won’t become addicted.”

Jacob is my husband, my love, and the most loyal person I know. He’s also the only person with whom I can be 100% myself, and that is why we’re married.

Rachel is my oldest friend. She would do anything for you and is another great encourager that I’m lucky to have in my life.

Keri is my second oldest friend. She values our friendship though states and political and religious beliefs separate us. I’d trust her with my life. We have shared many late nights together, and also many weddings. I would give her 10 million points if I had them.

Lauren is also my second oldest friend. She is strong and honest and true. She paves her own way and takes chances when most people wouldn’t. When I need a laugh I think about us at 14 in Destin re-enacting scenes from Center Stage on the beach.

Sara is my friend who I never doubt… because she could never lie, even if she tried. She is hilarious and her sense of humor drier than the Sahara (or something equally as dry). She’s also my friend who cares the most about community, organizing dinners, parties, and get-togethers weekly because that’s what she values most.

Laura is a newer friend, but her kindness, humor, and love make me hope she’ll be in my circle for a long time.

Susan is my most trusted advisor, a wonderfully thoughtful person, and is creative in a way I never knew possible. I call her when I’m confused and she challenges me to move forward, and though she wears many hats she always answers my emails.

Who are your friends, really?


One thought on “My real friends

  1. Your friends should totally thank you for the kind words you wrote about each of them. If I was younger I sure would want to be included in your close circle of friends. I am blessed you have my son in there!

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