Honest Greeting Cards

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For our 5 year anniversary I didn’t get The Guns anything because we agreed that we wouldn’t. Instead we bought a bedroom set (yay, we’re adults now) and went to San Antonio for the weekend. But I couldn’t resist the card above. I wasn’t even looking for it, I was just at Target buying thank you cards and Father’s Day cards when I came across this lovely hedgehog card, read it, and said “yep.” I mean, there is no other card for The Guns from me. All other greeting cards will be measured against this one.

Because, in case you haven’t noticed, It’s not easy to find a card that is cute, maybe a little honest or snarky, and perfectly encapsulates the message you’re trying to convey.

Unless you go on Etsy, and then it’s really easy. Just search for “honest cards,” “sassy cards,” or “snarky cards,” and some great options will pop up. In case you don’t have time to do that, though, here are some classic ones that I found.

Psst… no affiliate links here, just sharing and not getting paid for it. I should see about changing that…

An honest graduation card (no more drinking abnormally large mixed drinks)

An honest Mother’s Day card and apology

Compare someone special to an oddly shaped vegetable and get them to cry

Not exactly a greeting card, but honest place cards for your next dinner party (I would be the snoozer… I sometimes fall asleep at parties. Sorry)

Abraham Lincoln honesty cards for whatever you need to be honest about

Short and simple apologies

Calling out the vain people in your life

A very common sentiment in relationships

Here are some greeting cards I’d like to see show up on shelves…

“I’m sorry… I watched the next episode without you.”

“My biggest regret in life is not inviting you to my wedding. Why are we just now best friends?”

“I’m so proud of you, you are so great at life, and I want to be just like you.”

“I’m really sorry you didn’t get that thing, let’s go egg some houses”

“I wish I could pay you money for all the great things you’ve done for me, but if I did I’d be in extreme debt. So is this note enough?”

Any ideas for greeting cards you’d like to share?


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