How I evaluate talent

If you got here and thought I was going to tell you how to evaluate the people you want to hire… errr, sorry, this title is misleading.

Here’s what I AM talking about: I see someone doing something they’re good at. A professional dancer, singer, actor, stand-up comic, writer whatever. And even if I don’t know much about their field, here’s how I know if it’s good.

Am I inspired to try my hand at their talent, and I am CONVINCED that I would be good at doing exactly what they’re doing. Because they make it look so fun and so easy.

So after watching that video I’m sure I could be a prima ballerina. It’s really just a matter of practice. Also, after watching Aziz Ansari’s stand-up special, I’m POSITIVE I could be the next great female comic. I only have to read an excerpt of Anne Lamott’s work to be convinced that writing a memoir is as simple as writing my thoughts down every moment of the day. I watch The Voice and I’m pretty sure I could be on it, and I have completely convinced myself that if Emma Stone met me, we would not only be best friends but she would also convince the director of her next movie that she’s found the perfect co-star (um, me, are you not following?) to play her scrappy sidekick best friend in the upcoming romantic comedy.

Anyway, that’s how I know that someone’s good at what they do. If I decide that I could probably do it. Yes, this is remarkably self-centered. Welcome to my blog.


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