You Can Wear Leopard Print Shorts

I bought these leopard print shorts awhile ago, remember? Every time I wear them I get compliments that go something like this:

”Those are fabulous! I could never wear them.”

I do not accept this turn of phrase. Of course you can wear them. Now if you don’t like leopard print or shorts for yourself, then that’s a different story, but please don’t accept that something is “too fabulous” for you. That’s just not true. So, here are some ways to wear leopard print shorts… or pants, or skirts, or snow pants. You know whatever.

First, please repeat after me: Leopard is a neutral. Neutrals go with everything. Ergo, Leopard goes with everything.

So leopard goes with red, definitely as we all know and can see from the top photo. But you can also wear it with a neutral colored graphic tee like below.
WP_20140717_004 (2)

My personal favorite way to wear the shorts (though I look completely over it, forgive my apathetic model face) is with my chambray shirt and a neutral belt. Why chambray? Well, that’s a neutral too, so mixing all the neutrals is pretty awesome and also very safari.

I thought I’d try something a little different, and I’ve never really mixed leopard print with another print, so I thought this graphic floral would work. I don’t think I’m ready to mix two animal prints like Mindy, so my suggestion would be to find something in a contrasting color that’s a very different print. So stripes, florals, geometrics, and I think the only print I’d avoid (no questions asked) is a plaid. But, hey, I’m willing to go out looking like Punky Brewster so I’m a little more adventurous than some.

And if you’re not as adventurous than me, then there is nothing wrong with just a plain black tank or tee and some fabulous shoes.
WP_20140727_004 (2)

But I have to admit, my current favorite is this one. I love the chartreuse with the leopard, and a matching belt.
WP_20140727_006 (3)

So what do you think? Can you wear leopard print shorts? I think you can!


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