36 Hours in San Antonio

If I was super awesome I would turn this into a guide for you to also spend 36 hours in San Antonio. But I am only awesome, so here are some photos of our 4th of July weekend. We mostly ate, walked, took photos, and stayed at our first Airbnb lodging (highly recommend). 


Things to do: The Alamo (duh), the Riverwalk (duh squared), walk down King William and see all the very expensive very old houses (it was like House Hunters, which is great since we don’t have cable), go to the Charthouse at the top of the Tower of Americas for happy hour, walk through the Mexican Market.

Things to eat/drink: margaritas (anywhere), elote from the Tex Mex truck at the Alamo Street Eat Bar (a food truck park), a Red Widow at the Charthouse (jalapeno! Sparkling wine!), and huevos New Braunfels at the Liberty Bar at the Convent (you read that right).

Things I noticed: San Antonio is hot. San Antonio is pink. Yes. Pink, like Fiesta Pink. Pink cars, cocktails, cheese (spicy, crunchy, pink cheese on my elote), and lots of pink buildings and flowers.

Have you been to San Antonio? What’s on your not-to-be-missed list?


One thought on “36 Hours in San Antonio

  1. Love your pictures! It’s amazing we lived in SA for 17 years and didn’t see half of the places you saw. Hope your blog inspires others to visit beautiful, quaint San Antonio!

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