When your friend discovers this awesome piece of pop culture and you get unnecessarily excited about it

Leslie Knope EW article
Photo of a portion of an article by Karen Valby in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly

Recently a friend, well, a college acquaintance, of mine posted on Facebook that she had just watched the first episode of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix and now that she knows the ENTIRE SERIES is available she doesn’t plan to leave the house or shower until she finishes it.

You guys, she was about to experience the WONDER that is James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson (and, in later years Busy Phillips) in the greatest roles of their lives. She didn’t even know! I was inexplicably and indescribably excited for her. I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky she was to experience all the plot twists, and teacher student affairs, and wait, is Jack gay???? for the first time.

AND THEN! this same acquaintance posted a photo of a Harry Potter book on Instagram and mentioned that she would be starting that for the first time this year as a part of her bucket list. Again, I was crying over the joy that she was about to experience.

Perhaps if my husband reads this he’ll understand the happiness that he’s keeping from me by not reading Harry Potter or the Divergent or Hunger Games trilogy or OMG Fault in Our Stars AT LEAST (because that’s only ONE book, just commit to ONE book, babe! Not asking for Twilight here).

And my joy doesn’t stop at friends, my husband, or acquaintances. I also delight in the idea that a COMPLETE STRANGER might enjoy something that I truly love for the first time. That picture at the top of the page is an excerpt from an Entertainment Weekly article where Karen Valby writes about escaping all the pop culture tweets and commentary by ignoring what is hot right now (at the time, Scandal tweeting, HIMYM finale bashing, and OMG how could you The Good Wife??) by immersing yourself completely in something that you know is awesome but that you’ve never consumed. Her suggestions include the entire series (so far) of Parks and Recreation (co-sign), Friday Night Lights, and The West Wing.

But I really posted the photo because of the last paragraph, rewritten here in case you’re having a hard time reading it in the photo:

“The other day my 5-year-old daughter asked me the most wonderful question: “Mom, have you ever heard of a boy named Harry Potter?” I had indeed, I told her. I’ve never read the JK Rowling series, but when I became a mother I bought the entire collection in hardcover. This summer, I’ll read Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone to her each night before she falls asleep. I hear we’re in for a treat.”

You guys. Karen Valby and her daughter are reading this book right now! I have no idea who they are, but I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEM. Oh, the magical, wonderful journey they are about to embark on! A few months ago when I first read the article, I literally (yes, I’m using the word literally correctly, and not ironically when I should be using figuratively… LITERALLY) cried tears of joy. And I think that in that moment I might have wanted to have a child just so I could also have this magical experience again. (and that is the last we’ll speak of that. no I am not pregnant).

Side Note: I realize I’m basically relaying a scene from The Vow. But I don’t care. Also, if you haven’t seen The Vow, good for you. There are so many better representations of Mr. Tatum’s and Ms. McAdams’ work.

So please friends. When you watch a new show or  read a new book that you know is going to be utterly amazing, please share it with me so that I can cry tears of joy and feel that amazing happiness of high of “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW GOOD YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO GET!”

Do you get this way when people discover something you think is awesome?


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