Friday Finds 4th of July Edition (07/04/14)

Facts about the 50 states we’re celebrating today!

Happy 4th of July to my US friends! Here are some links to help you celebrate!

For some reason, I find Independence Day to be the most Martha Stewart of holidays, if I’m allowed to use Martha as an adjective (and I am, my blog, my rules). If you agree, here are all of her 4th of July ideas!

On a similar note… here are July 4th party ideas from Real Simple, which I love, but never find to be, ahem, real simple…

I’m loving Six Word Memoirs! Here’s a (super basic) one that’s July 4th themed.

At a loss for what to bring to the barbecue tonight? Lots of choices here! 

The only blog I read that has regular DIY and craft posts did a round up of red, white and blue themed projects. And um, sriracha popsicles????

What a gorgeous, vintage-themed 4th party!

Learn how to keep your dog calm in spite of the many high volume celebrations that will be happening tonight.

And speaking of dogs, a ridiculous Uncle Sam accessory for your best friend. Oh, and here’s one for cat lovers for their furry master.

Have a great holiday weekend!


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