In the end, just be really good

I was listening to an archived episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Nerdist, a few months ago. Their guest was Aziz Ansari. Aziz is pretty awesome because he is Tom Haverford and he knows how to TREAT YO SELF! Also, he is a stand up comedian.

Anyway, the idea that Aziz shared on the podcast that sticks with me the most is this (paraphrased by me) :

Just be really good.

He was responding to a fan who wanted to know how to leverage Twitter to help him become a more successful comedian. I think the actual question was something like “What are your Twitter secrets to help me in my comedy.”

And Aziz, who is semi-frequently active on Twitter, just said, “Don’t worry about Twitter. Just get really good at comedy.”

It’s true that today you can’t really ignore social media, your Klout score, your online presence, or those wonderful things you do to pad your resume (thought I try to ignore ALL those things at time), but none of that matters if you’re not really good at what you do.

So just get good.

And then tweet about it.


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