Maybe it’s not for you

boy shaving
Photo by Francisco Miguel Godoy Aguilar 

I do a lot of reading online, in case you hadn’t noticed.

And I read blogs and articles by some very successful people, and many of these people offer awesome online services, ebooks, coaching, consulting, courses, and conferences. Many, if not all, of them look amazing. And these same people give away tons of free content, guides and advice that build to these products and services that they offer.

And I often try to apply their advice. Sometimes with success. For example, my online mentors have all taught me about getting up early, batching tasks, creating basic websites, and how to make (and achieve) your goals. I feel like I’m good enough at all those things now.

But sometimes I find myself trying to use a piece of advice that I really don’t need. Or wanting to buy a product or service, but having no idea what I hope the end result of my purchase will be.

And that’s when I remind myself, “Maybe it’s not for you.” Or “maybe it’s not for you, right now.”

Right now, building an email list does not make sense for me, because I have nothing to tell people about that’s different from what I already share here.

Right now, I shouldn’t seek out coaching because I’m still developing my ideas of the direction I want to go.

Right now, I don’t need a consultation on my blog or website, because I’m not selling anything yet.

Right now, it would be silly to do an online course when I have many of my days scheduled down to the minute.

So just because something’s out there, doesn’t mean you have to have it, buy it, use it.

Maybe it’s not for you. Or maybe it’s not for you right now.


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