Changing Pace

Well, it’s that time again… time to announce that I’m going to change up the blog a bit.

Let’s take a look back, shall we? Since sometime in 2012 I’ve been blogging 5 days a week, with few exceptions. I did that in an effort to be more consistent, improve my writing, and also to increase my online portfolio of work.

It sort of worked. But now, honestly I feel like a large portion of what I’ve written in the last 6 months has not been great writing. A small portion has been great, but not the majority. And that’s ok, but I realized the other day that I’m writing so much in other ways (more on that later) that why should I post a ton of mediocre material to the blog in the name of trying to improve when I have other avenues that will help me do that?

When you consider most bloggers that blog daily, or on every weekday you start to notice trends: 1) their blog is their business. They’re selling products, using affiliate marketing, or offering their own services. 2) Most have at the very least a virtual assistant, and some have a staff.

I would love to eventually set up affiliate marketing or sell some kind of product or service… maybe not on this blog, but on a blog someday. But until I do that and I’m making money, 5 posts/week is a lot. And even some big-time, full-time, make money off their blog bloggers don’t post 5 days/week.

So, again, I evaluate, why am I doing it?

And it’s not just the difficulty in posting content 5 times per week… I’m also leading a new non-profit organization, trying to manage a home and multiple part-time/freelance jobs (which have been adding up to anywhere from 30-60 hrs/week), performing at least 1 time per month with 2 different companies, pondering my next career move, trying to spend quality time with my family and friends, launching 3 new websites (1 for me, 1 for a friend’s business, and 1 for the non-profit), attempting to keep up my online presence with twice daily posts to facebook and twitter and sometimes instagram and I’m pretty sure I want to start a podcast so I’ve been studying up on that as well.

And actually, all of this, plus my blogging schedule was fine, after all I have my trusty blogging workflow.

But then Bravo died. And it just hit me really hard, and in a really weird place.

I mean, I get that my dog died, not a person, trust me. But I just couldn’t really work like I usually did for a few days. I couldn’t imagine trying to write a blog post, and I cut back on my social media posting. Mostly because I was too sad to post another “50 animals that are just too cute” article.

Those moments where I couldn’t do anything, I started thinking about the pace in which I was running my days, and how much I was running online, and could I keep it up, and if so does it even matter?

And the short of it is that, something has to give. If I want to say yes to things like podcasts, and being a leader, and really creating, then I have to say no to something.

So I’ll be going down to 3 days a week posting for awhile… maybe I’ll go even less in July. Who knows?

And really I’m just letting you know in case you care. Maybe you don’t. Maybe to you this is a non-announcement. Actually, if that’s true then awesome… I hope you haven’t read this far down!

So 3 posts per week. No more.

Ready, Go!


One thought on “Changing Pace

  1. Krista, I think you are making a good choice, because you have to make time for yourself to stay healthy and happy. Besides you still have that cute guy, Jacob, to share yourself with. I know you’ll figure out sooner or later where to focus most of your energy. Hang in there and trust in The Lord to guide you. I love your blogs and look forward to future ones, no matter that there will be fewer ones.

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