Don’t ignore your “little ideas”

little ideas
I sometimes feel a bit insignificant in the online world, for many reasons, but a big one is that I don’t have all that many “big ideas.” I doubt I’ll ever be asked to give a TedTalk, I’ve got nothing in the realm of hoverboards, a groundbreaking startup is unlikely to be in my future, and I can’t even wrap my mind around the idea of a bitcoin.

But I do have a lot of “little ideas.”

Sarah calls this “what’s obvious to you might be helpful to someone else.”

I call it “little ideas need to be shared too.”

You know those “hacks” you see on Pinterest that now seem so obvious that you can’t unsee them any more?  Like how you’re supposed to unfold your Chinese takeout box into a plate?  And if you turn the wheel on the deodorant enough when you first open it that weird protective cover will slide right off and you won’t have to pull it super hard to remove it.

I mean, those are really obvious now right? But think back to when you first learned it… Mind. Blown.

Little ideas need to be shared too.

Like how when you travel have a bag for all your chargers, and if you can’t ever find anything in your purse or if you are constantly moving from one purse to another you should have a small pouch for your essentials so their easily moved and easily found.

Like a checklist of things to do every year to give yourself a fresh start (clean out your car! Update your resume!)

Like how you can use a grapefruit spoon to scrape the seeds out of a pepper.

Like using an old cd case as a recipe stand.

Like how you should stand your boots up using wine (or beer) bottles.

Like how you should use a procrastination pad.

Like how you can put your hair up with a sock.

Like how photo editing and blogging becomes easier if you create a workflow.

Like how you can making muffins from ice cream

Like this trick for bacon grease.

Do you share stuff online? Or want to?

Don’t be afraid to share your little ideas. They can be mind-blowing too.

Quick, tell me your favorite “little idea!”


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