4 (no, 5) podcasts for personal and career development

personal development podcasts
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big podcast fan. Last month I shared my favorite podcasts for creatives, and today I thought I’d share my favorite in the personal and/or career development genre.

Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life podcast
Ever since I started reading Michael’s blog I’ve felt inspired to live and work and lead better, and his podcast is the same way. If you’re looking for wisdom for your personal and work life, this should be your first stop. He covers everything from how to handle a bad boss to how to have a better conversation. My personal favorite episode (mainly because it has information that I’m still trying to apply) is number 28: become more productive by reengineering your morning ritual . If you’re wondering if his words are influential, well this episode is causing me to consider waking at 5AM tomorrow. I’m not kidding. But even if you’re not a morning person, this former CEO and New York Times bestselling author has a lot of wisdom to impart on you, and I think his podcast is some of the best (free) work that he does.

John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire
Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or not you need to check out EOFire just to see the crazy stuff that John is doing. He puts out a podcast 7 days a week, which is crazy, but very useful if you are super consumer like I can be. He focuses on entrepreneurs, but quite honestly no matter if you’re working a typical 9-5, are a freelancer, or even a student or full time parent you can learn from the crazy successful people he has on the show. My current motto is “one freak out at a time” which comes from his episode with the owners of the 603 brewery in New Hampshire, but I also love “We don’t teach because we’re experts, we’re experts because we teach” from an episode of Nathan Barry. It’s about 30 minutes of an interview with a different person everyday, and John takes them through pretty much the same questions daily including their favorite internet resource and what they would do if they had 7 days to (essentially) start over. It’s great to listen to a few episodes and see the variety of answers and topics that come up even though everyone gets the same questions.

Kat Lee’s How They Blog Podcast
I’ve really enjoyed “getting to know” Kat through How They Blog where she discusses the big picture ideas in starting a blog either to create an income or a community or both! She’s newer to podcasting, having done only 20 episodes, but I love her voice and her encouragement, and her relaxed and honest nature. She talks a lot about just getting started, even when things aren’t perfect, and she shows that as well by actually doing it that way! She’ll admit when her audio isn’t perfect, but she ships it anyway because done is better than perfect, and she wants her audience to receive her message, even if the technical part isn’t up to her high standards. She sometimes does a solo show, but mostly does interviews with other bloggers and women of influence. Sometimes I feel a little bit out of place listening because many times she’s speaking to mothers, but I still find the ideas useful. My favorite episode so far is #007, the most effective content bloggers can create.

Jared Easley’s Starve the Doubts
I found out about Jared via Twitter when I tweeted him a question about an upcoming conference. He was so kind to respond and reach out so I decided to check out his site and podcast Starve the Doubts. I’ve only listened to a couple of his episodes but I find his approach very intriguing. He always begins by asking his guest about their favorite concert, and then continues to ask them strategic questions that end up revealing a LOT! They of course also get to talk about what they’re up to and what inspires them. I just like hearing people’s stories, and so far it’s been fascinating.  If you’re wondering why you should care and what in the world it means to starve the doubts then you should check out the April Fool’s Episode where Jared goes from interviewer to interviewee.

And I’d like to give a last shout out to Erik Fisher’s Beyond the To Do List where Erik talks about what productivity really is. I haven’t listened to many episodes, but the ones I have were particularly awesome. Check out his interviews with Jon Acuff and Donald Miller.

Do you have any favorite personal/career development podcasts? Please share in the comments!

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