Friday Finds 5/23/14

This video is helping as I cope with my loss of HIMYM. Related: I also love Billy Eichner in Parks and Recreation.

Applying for jobs? Avoid these pitfalls that make you look unprofessional (and apparently they need to tell us not to put attach a bikini photo to our resume? Whoever did that, you’re making us all look bad).

Iceland and 9 other countries that are the world’s friendliest

These trees are real, not part of the Avatar set like I originally thought.

So Brogamats are a thing. A hilarious thing.

Salads for breakfast? Hmmm…

Blow your mind with these forced perspective photos.

And to make you smile… dogs tilting their heads!

Oh, and in case you didn’t think I believed in equal opportunity… cats sitting in small things.


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