Wedding Gifts we still use and like: All-Encompassing Recipe Book

wedding gifts
During wedding season, I thought I’d share with you the wedding gifts we still use and love, in case you need some inspiration for what to bring to those upcoming nuptials.

Here’s my thought for today’s post: an all-encompassing cookbook.

What I mean is one of those cookbooks that strives to include everything and/or ideas for all types of meals.

For me, cooking and meal planning is a big part of caring for my marriage. I am not great at it, but it is important since we don’t want to eat out all the time and since you have to eat to live. Unless the bride or groom is a chef or cook, cookbooks are a great way to help them through the dreaded “what are we having for dinner?” conversation. Yes, I do a lot of recipe finding online now, but I love having a cookbook that keeps all the basics (what to keep in your pantry, how to roast a chicken, how to poach an egg, what knives to use for what, etc.) and not so basic (fancy desserts! Hollandaise sauce!) in one place.

My 2 favorites that I have are the ENORMOUS America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook (try the poached peaches with raspberry sauce), The Food Network’s How to Boil Water (try the outside of the box pasta pie), and honorable mention goes to How to Cook Everything. Any of these will make sure the happy couple doesn’t starve, or survive on takeout alone!

Do you have a favorite all-encompassing cookbook? Would you give it as a wedding gift?


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