Stupid EASY Tech Tip: Sharing in Windows

As usual, just posting for free. No one paid me for this.
stupid easy tech tip

In the numerous Windows 8 and 8.1 posts I’ve done I have mentioned the ease of sharing in Windows 8 (one of my favorite things about it) but I never posted about it.

Because it’s stupid easy.  There’s not much to write.

So here it is.

Find something you want to share?

A link? A website?

A OneNote page?

An app from the windows store?

A recipe?

A photo?


Get to that thing.

Swipe from the right or bring up the charms however you like (hint, hint)

Choose the share charm.

Choose where you want to share it (via email, on Twitter or Facebook, to OneNote or to some other app)

Fill in any additional info as needed.

You’re done.

Stop copying and pasting. Start sharing.

Looking for more Windows 8.1 tips? Check out this post where I break it down like crazy.


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