Stupid EASY Tech Tip for your digital point and shoot camera

stupid easy tech tip
This is a stupid tech tip that I depend on now, but for years had no clue why it was important.  Thought I’d share in case you’re slow like me.

A few years ago my mom showed me these amazing action shots she got at one of those sea wildlife shows where the dolphins and whales jump around. She had so many perfectly crisp and clear shots of the animals in mid air. So I asked “How’d you do that?” I could never get my camera to respond quickly enough to capture something moving.

And she explained that she knew where the dolphins were going to jump (through the hoop), so she just pointed her camera that way, zoomed in the amount she wanted, and then she did one critical thing:

Held the shutter button halfway down.

She didn’t push it all the way down because it would have taken too long to focus and miss the shot. But depressing it halfway focuses the camera, then as soon as she saw the shot she wanted you press it the rest of the way. The camera responds instantaneously and it’s already in focus. And you get your shot.

So in the event that you didn’t know that, and you’re using an actual camera (not your smartphone), use this stupid tech tip next time you take a photo for that perfectly in focus shot.

Did you already know this? Do you use this technique regularly? Am I an idiot?


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