Currently Wearing: Warby Parker

Warby Parker glasses
Warby Parker didn’t pay me to write this. Out of the goodness of my own heart, as per usual.

If you follow me on social media then you saw me talking up Warby Parker all over the place this past December. I desperately needed some new glasses and saw that they did a free home try-on.

I’d heard about this company through some of my glasses wearing friends. I loved that they made affordable glasses, and also sent a pair to someone in need if I bought a pair. 

But the free home try-on didn’t hurt.
Warby Parker home try onAnd it really is free, no strings attached. You pick out 5 frames (all with super awesome hipster names like Lyle and Langston and Ripley) you want to try, they send them to you, and you have 5 days to try them out (with fake lenses) to see what you and your friends and family think. Just make sure you send them back in 5 days.

So I did that and proceeded to post selfies in the different frames all over social media to see what people thought. If I was way cooler I would have gone with the Ainsworth but I also really liked the Reece frames, and they seemed more practical.

And then I sent them back (they make it incredibly easy, giving you the box and all the labels that you’ll need, and expected to get bombarded by requests to pick on to buy. But I didn’t.  They sent a few hello emails, but I’m under the impression I could have tried them on and then decided “no way José,” and never bought anything from them ever.

But of course I loved the Reece frames and a few months later I was able to purchase them in midnight blue. And now I can read at night without squinting, and occasionally wear hipster Punky Brewster outfits!
Warby Parker Reece frames

Have you ever tried Warby Parker? Do you like my new glasses?


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