Friday Finds 5/9/14

This is my husband’s dream come true.

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! Take some time off and click through these links!

You know those products you use everyday? You’re doing it wrong. Seriously, you have the wrong plunger.

French foods we should be eating more of here in the US. Not a huge French fan, but I must say I totally agree, especially when it comes to kir royales, macarons, and, believe it or not escargot! (Do you like garlicky mushrooms? THEN YOU LIKE ESCARGOT!)

Do any of you use photoshop? You should be making these surrealist images using this tutorial. I will buy one from you.


Bookmarking this for when I think I want to completely redecorate our house.

Despite traveling for 3 years, I would not classify myself as a “master traveler,” especially after reading this list.

In the event that you need even more apps.

And to make your heart warm… but fearful: a wolf and bear are friends!


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