The best bridesmaid dress ever

infinity bridesmaid dress
I alluded to this a couple of months ago when I wrote about my new favorite wedding ever, but let me explain it a bit more.

Brides who are wanting to pick out a dress that is kind to your bridesmaids, listen up:

Infinity dresses. Buy them from Etsy. You can get them for around $100, and your maids will love them for many reasons.

  1. They will wear them again. Brides always say they will, and maids never do. I wore this one twice the week following the wedding. Once on an airplane (though it’s not super TSA friendly).

  2. All the combinations! This will take up time on your wedding day as you get ready (you will not want a lot of down time, but you will have it. Fill it with trying ALL TYING OPTIONS). Also everyone can be happy. Nothing is worse than trying to figure out a neckline and sleeve length that everyone is happy with and finds flattering.

  3. Are your maids traveling to your wedding? THESE ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO WRINKLE!

So let’s recap, you can pick from almost any color, they get to style them however they want, everyone is happy and since they don’t spend a million dollars on a bridesmaid dress they can spend a million dollars on your wedding present.

Put a big check mark on your list, you just found your bridesmaid dresses.


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