Do I really want to be chosen?

I’ll be honest. I want to be chosen.

I want someone to search high and low for me, and then tell me “you’re the one, you’re perfect for this, I have to have you.”

I want to be fought over, for people to outbid each other to use me and my skills.

I want someone to seek me out and give me one of those 30 under 30 awards or 40 under 40.

I want to be chosen.

But sometimes, when I get chosen. I realize there’s a lot of things I don’t like about it. 


Being chosen means you have to do it the way the chooser wants you to.

Which is not always a bad thing.

Sometimes the chooser knows better.

But sometimes, if you can’t be chosen, it might be better to just make your own stuff. Make your own opportunities. Make your own job. Make your own platform instead of waiting to be asked to join someone else’s.

There will still be things you don’t like. But it’s your choice.

If someone else won’t choose you, then choose yourself.


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