Try a Little Harder: Confirm spelling and facts

search for spelling
I write my Try a Little Harder series because sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Here’s a super quick one.

Are you having that moment where you’re not sure the exact definition or spelling of something, but you’re in an app that doesn’t have a great spell check or reference tool? Are you wanting to mention a fact on Facebook or in a blog post when you have that sinking feeling that maybe that fact is wrong? 

Don’t just go ahead and post and take a guess. Take the 2 seconds it takes to confirm your spelling or clarify your fact.

Go to your favorite search engine (you know mine is Bing), and type in whatever it is. In fact, if you type in “definition” and your word then Bing and Google will just give you a definition and spelling at the top of the results.

Obvious pro tip, use a web browser that lets you just type your search query into the address bar- skip going to the search engine webpage (although if you do this you will miss the Bing image of the day as well as whatever the Google doodle is… sacrifices).

As long as your question is simple and without nuance then you’ll probably find that the info appears on the search results page itself (this works well with questions about actors and celebrities, major events and their dates and locations, and of course definitions and spelling), and if not it’s probably just 2 clicks and short scroll away.
search for facts
I wanted to confirm that Zooey Deschanel was in the terrible movie Failure to Launch.

I get that this is an obvious one. And yet a lot of you are not doing it. Get your facts, with Google and the internet you have no excuse.

Oh, and the only exception is that you cannot trust the internet about hoverboards. That’s just a really mean lie that Moby and TO are spreading. And I hate them for it.


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