30 Things: Host a Guest

30 things before 30
As you may know,
I’ve made a list of 30 things that I want to do before I’m 30. Some are silly, some are hard, some are super easy, but no matter, they make for great fodder for the blog and for life! 

Number 2 on the list is “host a guest, not on the couch.”

Until we bought our house The Guns and I had 2 tactics for overnight guests:

Tell them they’ll have to sleep on the couch


Don’t have them

The couch thing is fine for siblings and our 20 something friends, but not so awesome for say grandparents or other actual grown-ups.

So I am really excited to have a guest room now where we can host our guests.

We’ve already hosted 5 different people in our guest room. So basically I’m a guest hosting expert! Just kidding.

But seriously, here are my recommendations for hosting guests (some lovingly stolen from people who were particularly great hosts of us):

  1. Obvious, but change the sheets before and after they leave. Do it right away so you don’t forget.

  2. Set out there other linens (towels and wash cloths) on the guest room bed or dresser

  3. Collect hotel shampoo and bath items. Store them in your guest bathroom. Extra points for storing them in a pretty bowl or vase and setting it out on display so your guests can find it easily.

  4. First thing: give your guests your WiFi network name and password. Also, a tutorial on your remotes and TV inputs.

  5. If you can, stock their favorite drink or snack in your fridge or pantry

  6. Leave some sweets out on their pillow. They’re not at a hotel, but you might as well make them feel like they are!

Those are my tips- what do you do special for your guests that you’re hosting (not on a couch)?


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