Friday Finds 4/25/14

I just saw Frozen last week, so now I finally get this video.

This week I did some dancing, some working, some writing, and some meeting. How bout you?

Let’s cut to the chase! My favorite links this week are…

Number 17 and 21 of this list of the most hipster things that have ever happened (all in jest, I love my hipsters!) made me cry from laughing so hard.

Did you know that male bowerbirds create and decorate nests to attract female mates? They even have an eye for color and design! Animals are crazy!

Hear, Hear!

Cannot. resist. Harry Potter. Theories…

Oh no, Kendi has introduced me to Golden Tote… 

If you want to take pictures of puddle reflections… here’s how you do that.

Share your favorite links of the week in the comments!


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