Stupid Easy Tech Tip: An alternative to expensive ink

stupid easy tech tip
Note: HP has no idea who I am, I just love their Instant Ink program enough to share it with you.

Can someone explain to me why printer ink cartridges cost more than a pair of Old Navy or Forever 21 Jeans? There’s not a good reason, I’m sure of it.

In the words of my friend Jason (at least I think he tweeted this, but then I started searching on Twitter and 20 minutes later I never found it) “The US should switch to an ink cartridge-based economy.” 

It’s literally the worst part of having a printer. That and realizing that you really should be recycling those cartridges when you’re done and oh my gosh who has time to figure that out?

But then we bought a new printer last year. And the HP rep at the Best Buy explains that if we pick from a certain type of printer that we can enroll in HP Instant Ink.  Let me explain to you why this is so amazing.

You buy from a certain group of printers eligible for HP Instant Ink. You buy a special enrollment package (cost is the first month’s payment of whatever plan you choose). You follow the setup instructions. You pick your plan (for example the cheapest plan is $3 for 50 pages per month, you can roll over 50 unused pages, and it’s $1 for an extra 15 pages per month if you need it) and you pay it. HP sends you your ink cartridges and you load them into your printer. When your printer detects that you’re running out of ink it alerts HP (OMG, your printer has a brain!!!) and HP sends new cartridges plus a postage paid box so you can send back my old cartridges for recycling. And the best part is that you’ll pay around $40/year, roughly the price of one cartridge.

IT IS 2014 – WHY IS THIS NOT STANDARD???? Also, can I have my printer think about things other than the ink levels?

Please work on that, HP. But until then a big thanks for Instant Ink.


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