Are you wallowing or relishing?

It’s funny to me (in a strange, interesting way, not in an actually funny way) that the words wallow and relish have similar definitions.

Definition of wallow: to spend time experiencing or enjoying something without making any effort to change your situation, feelings, etc.

Definition of relish: enjoyment of or delight in something

Both mention enjoying something. But let’s be honest, they have opposite connotations.

You wallow in your despair.

You relish the beautiful day.

She wallows in a breakup by eating lots of ice cream.

She relishes the freedom she has now that she’s broken up with that horrible person.

I wallow in my disappointment of not getting the job.

I relish the time I have to devote to my craft.

It’s the difference between enjoying misery and delighting in the wonderful

So are you enjoying being miserable? Or are you finding the wonderful and loving those moments?

Both have their moments where they are appropriate. We certainly sometimes have to do this, but also don’t want to be this guy.

But are you spending most of your time wallowing or relishing?


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