Askers vs. non-Askers

There are 2 kinds of blog posts: posts that divide people into 2 types, and posts that don’t do that. This is the former.

There are 2 types of people in this world: askers and non-askers.

Those people who aren’t afraid to ask the waiter at the chain restaurant for something that’s not on the menu. And those people who would never even think to ask.

People who have no problem asking for an exception, even when the rules strictly state that there are none (exceptions, that is), and people who read the rules so carefully that they don’t have to ask about any of the rules and would never consider doing anything that could be perceived as asking for an exception.

Someone who will ask a barely an acquaintance for coffee or a favor, and someone who would only do so with an invitation.

That person who thinks “might as well ask!” and that person who thinks “I don’t want to offend or burden them by asking.”

People who are constantly asking “how can I help you?” and mean it, and people who will only help when asked.

Those that ask for extra stuff in order to be of service, and those that depend (and require others to depend) on the minimum.

Someone who asks for more, and someone who is happy with what they have.

That person who asks a million questions, and the person who tries to figure it out on their own.

Neither of these ways is exclusively right or wrong. Just know that you probably fall into one of the categories more often than not.

What are you missing by asking or not asking?

Which one are you?


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