Do you Roku?

Note: As usual no one is paying me to write this. I just really like it so I write about it for FREE!
Do you know what Roku is (besides the awesome name of our next pet)? It’s a little box that turns your TV into a way better TV.

We have a digital antenna that we use because we were like “pay for cable? we spent 3 and a half years only being able to watch CNN, ESPN, Fox News, and 10 movies repeatedly… we’ll live without cable.” And then my dad had a Roku box laying around and was all “I don’t use it any more, want it?” and we were like “What?”

And then our world was opened.

You know those smart TVs that can connect to the internet and let you watch stuff off your Hulu, Netflix and other internet TV subscriptions? That cost a million dollars? Pay 50-100 dollars for a Roku box (or you can get it as a stick now. They’re flexible) and get pretty much the same thing. You plug it in and then you change the input on your TV and you can pick some Roku channels to watch. Some are free, but then if you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu Plus (or if your family will give you their passwords…) you can watch it all on your TV, which in case you hadn’t noticed is bigger than your computer screen.

So I love Roku.

It makes it really easy for The Guns to watch old episodes of Seinfeld and The Office and new episodes of Comedians in Cars with Coffee. He also watches documentaries. Because he’s smart you guys.

I have used it to binge-watch Awkward. which should not be a show that teens watch, but I find it hilarious. If we need background noise I’ll use TuneIn to find a decent radio station or just turn on an episode of Parks and Recreation. And it’s very comforting to know that I’ll never have to think “there’s nothing on!”

It’s also very scary. Because now I can watch all the TV. This is dangerous. I might not get anything done ever. Except Roku.



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