9 Things that made me cry this week

things that made me cry
I cry a lot now.

And it’s not because I’m pregnant. 

Because I am NOT PREGNANT.

I cry because things overwhelm me. Good things. Bad things. All the things.

Here are some things that have made me cry in the last week (approximately)

  1. This giraffe saying goodbye to its dying zookeeper. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT.

  2. The yellow umbrella scene in the finale of How I Met Your Mother “Isn’t it funny how sometimes you just find things?” NO IT’S INCREDIBLY MOVING AND GUT WRENCHING. NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

  3. Singing along with “Let It Go” on the radio I GET IT, I’VE LET IT ALL GO!

  4. Looking back at photos from my friend’s wedding last month. Oh the feelings.

  5. Thinking about when Kelly Clarkson won American Idol and how much her life has changed since then (not an exaggeration, I really love, to the point of crying, seeing people achieve their dreams. Season finales of reality shows, awards season, graduations, and weddings are a rough time for me)

  6. Re-watching (for probably the 100th time) the fan-flipping-tastic Neil Patrick Harris in the opening number to the 2013 Tony Awards, and marveling at the impact and possibilities of amazing live theater performers. (not an exaggeration)

  7. The beautiful dancing at the spring show of my alma mater.

  8. Seeing Bravo watch out the window as I drove away from the house one morning for work. And knowing that when I get home he’ll ignore me completely.

  9. The fact that I got a speeding ticket from a ROBOT! (ok, one of those intersection camera sensor things… aka ROBOTS ARE TAKING OVER) For TURNING RIGHT ON RED!

Have you cried lately? what makes you cry?


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