Apps I love: Phototastic free

I just started using Instagram over Thanksgiving of 2013 (follow me! kjlangford711) and I quickly declared “Hey! How are people making those awesome collages.” And I quickly learned that you need an app for that…

So, I had tons of apps that could make a collage (I’ve already shown you Nokia Creative Studio) but none of them had the ability to make a square collage that will show correctly in the Instagram feed.

So I went looking around and I found Phototastic Free! This one is only for Windows Phone users, sorry to iPhone and Android users!

There’s a ton of things you can do with it, including add frames and stickers to your photos, add filters, create square collages with anywhere from 2 to 20 photos in all sorts of configurations, create free form collages, and lots more. But I’m just going to focus on the square collages, because that’s what I’ll use it for most: making Instagram collages!

And normally in these posts I give you a lot of information about how to use it. But I don’t need to do that. Because seriously, it’s easy. Like really easy. Touch a plus sign, add a photo, move it around with your finger, save it. So easy. And there are a million options I haven’t even tried out yet! Like using different shapes and letters to highlight your photos, tons of filters and bokeh light effects. I really could go down a photo editing rabbit hole with this one, but I’m trying to only focus on the collage part so that I don’t waste a ton of time just playing around. I have to say though, it’s so easy and useful, that I’m considering upgrading to their paid version so that I can use all their cool design features.

Here are some photo collages I made using Phototastic Free:dog collageHawaii collage
New Years Eve collagedog walking collage (1)

What app do you use for your Instagram collages?


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