Friday Finds 3/28/14

Uh oh… this Pentatonix video makes me cry like that little kid who loves this song. Also, the percussionist can beatbox AND play cello? SIMULTANEOUSLY? Wow.

Where did March go?  Oh well, here are some links.

When I am rich I will go to all these places…

More ideas for spring cleaning.

The title is “These 11 apps are the key to productivity” but I actually think the most useful part is not his recommendations, but his suggestions for choosing apps. Scroll to the bottom!

I wish I could time travel back to 2013 and go to all of these art installations.

Since I’m a Windows Phone user I can’t use this app (BOO! Their developer needs to get ON IT!) BUT all you crazy iOS and Android app users can make money off your smartphone photos (sans selfies) with Foap. Check it out!

HA! 10 Jobs that don’t exist any more. (I would have ROCKED number 10!)

Did you find anything awesome on the internet this week?


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