Try a Little Harder: Wear Sunscreen

Could not resist putting this cheesy image on this post because it’s a) adorable and b) cheesy. (yayimages).

I write my Try a Little Harder series because sometimes a small change can make a big difference.

This is one I have to work on, but yes, you should be wearing sunscreen.  And yes, I know it’s not summer yet, you should be wearing it all year.

I get a lot of flack (less than I used to in high school when tanning booths were still THE thing to do) for my very very pale skin (like really pale. You can very clearly see my very blue veins through my skin, it’s super attractive…). But because of that fair skin, I’m at a high risk for skin cancer, and so, even though I find the process of putting on sunscreen to be a little annoying, I do it anyway. I’ll never ever get a tan, and I don’t want to.

By the way, anyone can get skin cancer, it’s the most diagnosed cancer, and also the most preventable.

Why is that when the answer is a pretty easy one: Sunscreen. I can still go out in the sun, go to the beach, and enjoy a beautiful day, I’m just going to take a small precaution before I do that in an effort to protect my largest, most noticeable feature: my skin.

I mentioned that I find putting on sunscreen to be annoying, but it’s one of those things that I have to just decide that “it’s not that hard.”. Because it’s not.  And if you still can’t imagine becoming religious about your sunscreen skincare, here are some things that might make it a little easier.

  1. Use a moisturizer or foundation that has an SPF.
    Already lotioning up with moisturizer or liquid makeup?  Use one that has SPF built in.  You get extra points if you use a lip balm with SPF built in as well. Here are some great options:
    Maybelline BB Cream
    Cover Girl CG Smoothers
    Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Liquid Makeup
    BareMinerals Foundation
    Mary Kay CC Cream
    Mary Kay TimeWise Moisturizer
  1. Keep your sunscreen visible.
    On your nightstand. In your makeup bag.  Help yourself build it into a daily routine.
  1. Use a spray
    There is some debate over whether sprays are really effective or safe (don’t spray directly onto your face or inhale the spray, don’t use them on kids, don’t go near an open flame until the spray is dry… seriously, it’s a thing). I am not a doctor, but I generally think something is better than nothing.  When I’m going to the pool or the beach or anywhere that a lot of my skin will be exposed to the sun, you can bet I’m using a spray because if I’m going to try and lotion everything by hand, I’m going to miss a lot of spots.  A Spray sunscreen like this one makes that a lot easier.

Don’t risk a sunburn (I mean, those are terrible on their own, right) or worse, a skin cancer scare.  Try a little harder, and add some SPF!

Do you use sunscreen all the time?


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