Advice to Brides: that weird wedding gift

With wedding season upon us I thought I’d give some advice for brides and future wives periodically here on the blog.

So if any brides are reading, let’s take a moment to be honest.  You’ll receive at least one gift that’s totally weird, wacky, random, or maybe a little tacky.  Here’s my suggestion to you, and it may surprise you.

Keep it.

Unless you just really really hate it. Then throw it out.  But if it’s just sort of wacky, or almost humorous to you, I say keep it.

One of our weird wedding gifts was this wooden rabbit bowl. We received it as a joint gift from a couple of my dad’s employees.

To those ladies, if you read this blog (and I doubt you do), please don’t take offense.  I now understand what a nice gift it was, I’m sorry I didn’t get that when I was 23.

We opened it up and just sort of looked at it, befuddled. We then looked it up online and realized that it cost more that $60 (which I still kind of don’t get…). We didn’t get rid of it, but weren’t sure what to do with it (the only thing I could think of at the time was to use it as a salad or fruit bowl) since it didn’t really fit in with the rest of our stuff. So for awhile it sat outside on our patio, and at one point The Guns was growing basil and parsley inside of it, but it was always just sort of shoved in a corner outside, and when I got to our new home I found it laying on our deck with a football sitting in it.

Looking at it now, it is clearly expertly handcrafted, and now that I have a love for woodland creatures in design I actually think it might eventually have a place among the décor in my home. The only problem it’s been a little bleached by the sun and beat up from weather and moving. But maybe I’ll paint it or something and put it somewhere that will make me smile.

So when you open that weird wacky wedding gift, resist the urge to chuck it, and hang onto it, repurpose it, and if nothing else, let it be a reminder to have a little chuckle.


One thought on “Advice to Brides: that weird wedding gift

  1. I would suggest you oil it to return to it’s natural luster. The type of oil would depend on what you are planning to do with it. You are good with google… 🙂 Tung oil is what I would do if I weren’t going to use it to eat with as a doubt it is food safe. But I would think any kitchen oil would make it look nice with one coat. Depending on how dried out it is, it may take more than one oiling. Good luck.

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