A glorious day

I got to spend the weekend with two of my oldest friends. Keri, Lauren and I grew up dancing together in middle school and high school. Lauren got married in 2007, I got married in 2009, and Keri got married on Saturday. We were all in each other’s weddings in various ways, but I have to admit Keri’s day was the most anticipated and the best. Why? Well, she and her husband (!) Andrew started dating in 2007 (I think?), the same year that Lauren got married (though it is always noted that Andrew was working a Hootie and the Blowfish concert rather than being with Keri at Lauren’s wedding. In 2008, The Guns (a nickname given by Keri and Andrew) and I started dating and in just over a year, in 2009, they were at our wedding (I have many friends that have been together longer than The Guns and I, though we have been married almost 5 years now… we just decided to skip that whole lengthy dating relationship thing).

Now, I honestly didn’t expect Keri to marry quickly. That never seemed like her jam. So when we got to 2010 and Keri and Andrew weren’t married I was a bit unfazed. It was occasionally mentioned, I think mainly because there has never been 2 people more perfect for one another (everyone says that… but these two are the perfect example of this idea. ALL OTHER “PERFECT” COUPLES MEASURE AGAINST THEIR RELATIONSHIP!). I mean seriously, if you look at The Guns and I… I mean, we are awesome, but we are not “perfect” for each other. If you met us individually you wouldn’t be like “I see you with a partner that is like [insert perfect description of The Guns or me here]” but you meet us together and you’ll probably think “ah, I get it.” But Keri and Andrew? They don’t share my spiritual views, but I will say that God made them for each other. And it’s pretty obvious.

So it was starting to get a little “I mean do you really think you’re going to find anyone better? You’re not. It’s not happening” jokingly because of course that wasn’t what was happening, but then I got a phone call in early 2013 that Andrew had proposed on New Year’s Eve. It was a very happy day.

Fast forward a year and 3 months later and I got to be in a wedding that had possibly the most beautiful, fitting, and honest ceremony I’ve ever seen, a flash mob, a photobooth, the best bridesmaids dresses of ALL time (future brides take note: charcoal grey infinity dresses… YOU’RE WELCOME!) and a bride wearing orange shoes. So it was a good day.

I could write thousands more words, but instead I’ll share my favorite photos from the day (only wish I took more).

Best Wishes and Congrats to one of my favorite couples!


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