Friday Finds 3/14/14

Oh man. Rebel Wilson dancing with Jimmy Fallon. GOLD!

You Guys!  I’ve got Georgia on my mind this week… because I’m in Georgia. I’m honored to be spending the weekend celebrating a great friend’s wedding! It’s awesome! But I still have cool internet links for you to peruse. So… LINKS!

I just love what Alexandra does, and I love these tools she shared (I use daily, occasionally use coffitivity, and I have thought about being a taskrabbit).

I think Microsoft gets a bad rap for being “not as innovative as [insert sexy tech company name here] or boring, buttoned up, and bland. But then you read this and you’re like “And Google hosts Quidditch matches?” … but also I would play Quidditch.

Another pro-Microsoft story… this lady paints every day using a super neat Windows 8 app, Fresh Paint.

It’s March! So maybe you want to do a spring clean? Or start cleaning? Or maybe you already clean?

What’s significant about the number 54? This.

And I would like number 18 on this list of animals that you didn’t know existed.

What did you find on the internet this week?


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